What is the nicest way to make someone stop hugging you at work?

What is the nicest way to make someone stop hugging you at work?

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  1. “Please don’t hug me anymore, I’m not really comfortable with it”. This is NOT rude and addresses the point immediately. There is no nice way of telling someone to respect your personal space. There is no “correct” way of demanding respect you deserve.

  2. Say something like, “Yes. [Hugs ] There we go, bring it in, come on. Pelvis to pelvis. Let’s go, tip-to-tip, there we go. The kids call this “docking”.

  3. If you can’t talk to them about it…every time they hug you just dead arm and don’t hug back, they’ll stop hugging you pretty quickly

  4. Tell them that hugging reminds you of the lack of affection you received when you were a child, which sends you into a tailspin of uncontrollable thoughts of inferiority and abandonment, continuing to circle through your head well into the early hours of each morning. The resulting lack of sleep inevitably will lead to insomnia-induced psychosis, culminating into a decades-long substance abuse problem leaving you with permanent health issues and a pet sock you call “Sandy”.

    Let them down gently.

  5. If you’re not comfortable with being honest and making your boundaries clear, you could opt to make up a new ‘move’, like a high five or silly dance (whatever works in your context).

  6. Wait wut?

    Why do you have to be nice.

    You are there to do a job and get paid.

    I have only hugged 3 times in the past five years and it was because the person was going through EXTREME personal loss.

    Fellow employees are not your friends.

  7. Mention COVID. Sure, they may lose respect depending on political affiliation but they also won’t feel down about themselves. Could also be direct if you’re open to a more intense and honest conversation but sometimes they’re just tedious and unnecessary.

  8. making weird noises when they do it, noise like Johnny Depp in Fear & Loathing in Las vegas when he took too much of adrenochrome the iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  9. Had an older lady constantly doing this, giving me compliments and such. I don’t think it was ever sexual or anything, it’s just the way she expresses that she likes me as a person. For some reason though, I was very uncomfortable. I never had anyone at work touching me in any way, especially not my chest or arms.

    So I told her “Excuse me, but I really don’t feel comfortable with you touching me”. She got kind of angry, and didn’t speak to me for about a year.

    She stopped touching me, and now we’re just “Hello” and “Have a good day” people, and it’s great.

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