What is the scariest horror movie you’ve seen?

What is the scariest horror movie you’ve seen?

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  1. When it was first released in theaters, Alien. Trailers and promo layouts didn’t spoil anything so none of us had any idea what was about to take place.

  2. The Exorcist is by far the scariest movie ever made. Yes, the effects didn’t age well today, but if you saw this movie in the theaters when it was released you shit your pants right there.

  3. An odd duck in my circles, but I’m not scared of conventional horror as I don’t subscribe to the beliefs that would engender that fear. I LOVE horror movies for the stories and the unique twists.

    Aliens. Aliens get me as it’s hard to dispute certain possibilities surrounding them. On that note, my scariest experience with a film was The Fourth Kind. The concept of reality/documentary setting plus the subtlety in the horror messed me up. Also, the screaming. The damned screaming….

  4. “Salo, or the 120 days of Sodom”

    Not horror in the sense that I was screaming with fright but more of a deep anguish watching these teens get raped and violated over and over and OVER again just to all meet gruesome ends to satiate the lust of a few elites.

  5. Shutter, holy crap that was insanely scary. thailand horror

    the film ends when the main character camera drops on the floor and takes a insta of himself and he has a ghost sitting on his shoulders

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