What is the scariest, strangest, most unexplainable thing that has happened to you while home alone?

What is the scariest, strangest, most unexplainable thing that has happened to you while home alone?

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  1. My sister and I were home alone and we heard someone big running up the stairs. the stairs make lots of noise with slight pressure so when there’s someone big on them you can tell. I went out of my room to check but saw no one anywhere and my sister also came out of her room and she asked if that was me I said no and we both looked around to see if there was anyone but found no one in the whole house. We were confused and called our parents and just waited until they got back and that was that.

  2. I heard two people talking in the ceiling. We don’t have an attic to speak of and the voices weren’t upset or whispering. Just talking to each other.

    Found out later I have auditory hallucinations when sleep deprived. Yes, it was after I had a baby lol

  3. I very clearly saw a guy walk into my room.

    But when I went after him there was nobody there. I checked in the closet, under my bed, everywhere one could hide in my room.

  4. Not scary but definitely strange.

    I was home alone and wanted my earbuds to listen to something. I checked every pocket in my backpack for my earbuds, and I distinctly remember checking the left side pocket. I’m sure of it.

    I come back five minutes later, check again, and they’re in the left side pocket. Still waiting for an explanation.

  5. Was home alone with my cats. I heard someone walking through the house, so i thought it was my cats, but they were both sleeping in the livingroom with me. Went out there, but no one was there.

  6. It was just me and my small dog at home. I had started getting ready to go to bed and had my dog in my bedroom ready to sleep and cuddle together. When I was turning off the lights I heard something in the living room so I was frozen because my dog was already in bed. I was in the hallway and was about to turn off the light when I heard a low growl coming from the dark living room. I turned off the lights and booked it to my room.

  7. I was home alone for a bit and someone knocked on my front door. I went to go check who it was, I was confused because I wasn’t expecting anyone, and then nobody was there so I shut the door and locked it. I turned around and saw these two people with a ladder in my backyard attempting to go through the door to my porch. Thank God I was able to see them through the glass sliding door in my living room or else they might have actually entered my house. I was so scared omg… anyways these people saw me looking at them and they left. In not even 10 minutes a cop car showed up outside of my house on the street and was with these two people. To this day I have no idea what this was bc the cop didn’t talk to me but yeah gave me trauma

  8. Not home alone, but upstairs alone. I saw a doppelgänger of my mom a few years back, and I think she heard mine. I was sitting in my bed, and looked up when I heard her coming up the stairs. She walked by my door, looking straight at me with no expression, and walked into her room and closed the door. I’d said hi as she walked but figured whatever, she didn’t hear me or maybe she was getting something from her room.

    Then, about 5 seconds later, she yells up the stairs from downstairs and says “did you call me?” and I am not ashamed to say I freaked the fuck out. She came upstairs, looked down the hall and said “did you close my door?” I didn’t, and neither did she; she never closed that door because one of our cats primarily lived in her bedroom and so she always kept the door open so the cat could come and go as she pleased. And it wasn’t just closed as if the wind had shut it, it was fully closed and the windows were shut.

    Ma said she had very clearly heard me yell “hey mom, come here” from upstairs. I had done no such thing.

  9. i dreamed the front door blew open at the exact time the house alarm went off… i hopped up and sure enough, the front door was open.

    no intruder.

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