What is the scariest thing you witnessed with your own eyes?

What is the scariest thing you witnessed with your own eyes?

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  1. Watched three men pull up in a parking lot and attempt to murder my uncle and his friend. Luckily both came out okay although my uncle got wrongfully arrested (he was later let out- they assumed he was one of the attackers because he was covered in blood). Pretty fucked up thing 6 year old me had to witness

  2. I saw a kid get hit by a car… I lived within a stones throw from my school so I walked home. He was crossing a street and was just in front of me. A car clipped him and he spun to the ground.

    He was okish… just a broken arm…

    There was a car hiding behind a bus. He didn’t see it and obviously the driver didn’t see him… my mom was actually two cars behind the accident and got the kid home…

    I have no idea what happened to the driver… but I remember the kid spinning and remember it being pretty scary

  3. A guy getting head stomped against a tile floor and blood coming out of his ears. It was 3am, I was at the end of an 11 hour shift and I had recently done the first year of paramedics college in Canada but decided to quit and somehow everyone thought that made me the most qualified to deal with it.

  4. well, in my country you have private health care and public. recently i fucked up my hand in a window and had to stich it up. Went to a public hospital and saw two victims of stabbing, ribs and guts, a guy and a girl. Every time one of them breathed in or moaned that was an horrible moist sound that came with, and jesus christ, SO MUCH BLOOD. i had to jump over a puddle of blood to get out of the room after they finished my hand. Not particularly scary but it stuck with me. You think watching tons of action movies would prepare you for shit like that, but no. Not really.

  5. My buddy and I were walking out in the woods in Oklahoma. Saw what looked like a hooded man crouching down next to the creek bed at the bottom of a hill on the other side of the creek from us. We were pretty deep in the woods, we hiked out there pretty often and never saw anyone else. Well the thing/dude looks up at us then turns tail a bolts up the hill way faster than any human should be capabale of. Took mere seconds on a hill that would have taken us at least 5-10 minutes as we were in the brush that is not super easy to traverse through. My buddy and I noped the fuck out of there straight home where we’re we explained what we saw to my friends mom.

    I know it sounds like this was probably nothing but if you could only see how it moved… still have no explanation of what we saw to this day. I asked my friend about it later on in our adult life and he remembered the encounter as well and we are both still a bit disturbed by it.

  6. Driving up to an Amusement Park, King’s Island, there is this longer exit as it gets off the highway. My friends mom just started getting on the exit lane and me and my buddy, probably around 10 watch this person jump in front of a semi. It was like the whole world just kinda stopped for those few moments. As we drove passed the body I fully remember the jeans around their ankle and the body just twitching.

    I really don’t think I will ever forget the image.

  7. When I was a kid, I witnessed my drunk step father wielding a loaded shotgun with the safety off. It was pointed inches from the face of my dog, and he threatened to blow her head off right then and there. Fortunately, he didn’t shoot her in front of me. Bad news is that she “ran away” (leaving her collar and tags behind) a few days later.

  8. Was home alone as a teenager, during an aggravated burglary. Heard something slamming into front door…. went to go open it. And realized I had locked the wire screen door….. so it seemed odd they were knocking so hard directly onto the wooden door.

    Instead looked out the window and to the side to see a heavy man that I did not recognize. I yelled out what did he want….. no answer. Yelled a few more times….he stopped… then started shoulder ramming the door…..

    I panicked and went to grab the phone….and a kitchen knife…. but halfway to the kitchen, I heared a huge crash at the back end of the house…..

    Meanwhile the ramming was still happening at the front door….. heared someone scurrying through the back of the house swearing, panicking I didnt want to get caught in the middle of the house by two people. So decided to burst out through the front door and bowl over whoever was out there….knowing it was just one person, because I had seen him though the window.

    So that’s what I did. Exploded out the front door, knocked the guy over and ran out into the Street and to a neighbour’s, and called the police.

    They were gone by the time the police arrived.

    Incidentally, they came back twice the next week, and again when I wasn’t home. (The neighbors told me)

    Ended up catching them, but definitely left a lasting fear in me.

  9. Drove by a burning car on the highway when I was very young. 3 lanes and an extra emergency lane. The car was burning on the emergeny lane and we drove on the far left lane, all windows up and going about 60mph, you could feel the immense heat. It got pretty warm inside our car for a few seconds.

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