What is the single most ridiculous conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard?

What is the single most ridiculous conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard?

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  1. That satan buried dinosaur bones to deceive humanity into believing the earth is vastly older than a couple thousand of years.

    I have encountered people who unironically believe that.

  2. Flat Earth and Moon Landing Hoaxers. I mean, the sheer number of people who would have to be in on these ‘conspiracies’ is mind-boggling. And none of them every blow the whistle.

  3. *The James Cameron Conspiracy Theory*


    Did you know that the popularity of Cameron’s movie *Titantic* was due to his use of secret CIA mind control technology? Technology that can be traced back to the lost civilization of *Atlantis?* How the *Atlantians* acquired that technology from an *extra-terrestial civilization?* And that’s just the tip of the iceberg (pun deliberately intended.) This is the Mother of All Conspiracies: everybody & everything is involved — God, Satan, ancient Egyptians, Knights Templars, Sons of Belial, Area 51, Nazis, The New World Order, Nixon, Bush, and the list goes on…

  4. That the US knew about the 9/11 attacks and not only allowed them to happen, but assisted in the destruction of the WTC and Pentagon, in order to justify occupying the Middle East, in an effort to take control of Big Oil and also make billions off weapons and weapon system distribution sold to our military from private companies that politicians hold stock in.

  5. That 19 saudis, armed only with box cutters and directed by a guy in a cave, were able to fly airplanes into the most protected airspace on earth and pull off stunt maneuvers that seasoned pilots could never pull off.

  6. That flouride is in the water because it not only binds to teeth, but also is visible from space. So satellites are able to see the flouride and then match it to your dental records to track you.

  7. The vaccine makes you magnetic. I thought this was stupid, but on my way home from getting dose 3 I got pinned to an old shipping container and I’ve been stuck for 3 days now… Please send help

  8. Ridiculous because it was to unbelievable or because way too many people actually believed it?

    Unbelievable? Flat Earth.

    Too many believed it? Russian collusion.

  9. My mom told me this one in the 90’s: JFK survived being shot in the head. Apollo Onasis took him to a private island near Greece where satanic healers have been healing him. When he is fully healed, he will make a triumphant return to the public as the Anti-Christ and usher in the New World Order.

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