what is the single worst thing humanity has created?

what is the single worst thing humanity has created?

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  1. Python, the programming language.

    Most computing languages have a lot of primitive types and data structures. *Python only has lists*. Everything that doesn’t look like a list, is actually just a ball of lists. Want an array? No, you get a list of lists. Python’s only claim to fame is numerical stability, which actually turns out to be the same numerical stability we’ve had since Fortran (a really old language).

    This is thousands of times slower and makes no god damned sense to anyone trained. However, the language only has one thing to learn, so it catches on quickly. Then, learning all the convoluted bullshit you have to do to make the language work in niche cases purely because it lacks primitive types makes people feel special, so they keep using it.

    So the heresy spreads.

  2. Language.

    Without it we’d still be in small tribes living life as really smart primates, but unable to communicate abstract ideas or form large societies. Micro plastics, global warming and the like would be missing from a world without language.

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