What is the smallest change you made that greatly improved your quality of life?

What is the smallest change you made that greatly improved your quality of life?

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  1. Stopped trying to be liked by everyone. There will always be people that dislike you, just accept it and concentrate on the people who like you when you are just being you.

  2. Stop complaining about everything. I used to complain about literally everything and it was making me very negative. I learned to stop that train of thought the second it entered my head and just got up and did the thing with a smile on my face. Honestly loving life now.

  3. living my life on a schedule… Eating at the same times, sleeping 7 hrs a night and regular dr/dentist appointments… Just overall having a rhythm to my day… I finally got a day job with benefits and living a “normal life” has been soooo good for my mental and physical health.

  4. Realized that I don’t HAVE to do anything in life to “fulfill” it. All I need to do is to survive and have a good time on the way to death. I don’t need to achieve something.

  5. Taking an interest in people, particularly people who are different than me with different ideas, backgrounds and experiences. It’s been incredibly humbling and rewarding. I’ve learned so much. I regret that I’m just now, at 50 years old, learning how much more depth to there is to each person I encounter. I wasted so many years being a cynical jackass.

  6. I’m still battling this currently; however, I’m forcing myself to stop blaming my problems on everything else but me. I’m mainly the issue that has caused myself to be in a bad spot in life where I’m at now.

  7. Used the calendar reminder on my email program. Much less stress over losing notes taped up everywhere or forgetting to jot down things in my spiral notebook calendar.

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