What is the smallest, pettiest hill you’ll still die on?

What is the smallest, pettiest hill you’ll still die on?

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  1. Pronuncing “nuclear” as “nukular” is legitimate, and in fact there is a valid, if not overwhelmingly compelling, argument that “nukular” has a folk origin that makes it more correct than the standard pronunciation. (At least one of the Manhattan Project atomic scientists who were the first to really use the word frequently pronounced it “nukular”.)

  2. If the mail says Mr. and Mrs. Husband’s First and Last Name, I will not touch it. I took his last name, not his first. If his mom wants to keep sending stuff to me addressed to him, that’s fine, but I’m not dealing with it.

  3. The Lion King intro doesn’t make sense and its quasi-offensive in its support for monarchism.

    Why would gazelles and zebras celebrate the birth of a lion while “Circle of Life” plays in the background unless they’ve completely internalized their own role as food for the King?

  4. Tipping should not be mandatory and should be reflective of the staff’s performance. That’s not to say I absolutely won’t tip, it’s just that I’m not going to if the waiter was, for example, so incompetent that they forgot to place my order and spent the next 30minutes completely avoiding my table because he knew he fucked up.

  5. There are a lot of posts where a car has crashed and the caption “You can’t park there mate”. In my head they’re referencing that video where the man’s in a ditch and the van driver is joking about with him (as the car driver clearly doesn’t intend to be there, much like the cars in these posts).

    In the same way that it isn’t “Luke, I am your father” it isn’t “You can’t park there mate”. It’s “You can’t park there sir”.

  6. all forms of ecological conservation that people actually practice are all about saving humanity and nothing at all do with saving the planet. it is ecological imperialism. No one gives a shit about saving the planet and people only really care about saving the cute or cool animals.

  7. I will never in a million years buy into this new euphemistic bullshit when it comes to discourse regarding people’s reproductive organs.

    I find it delegitimizing to refer to people as “non-penis havers” or “people who menstruate” or “pregnant people”.

    It’s ridiculous pandering to placate people who profit from pretending to be offended and outraged by everything.

  8. Saying “irregardless”, despite the fact it’s in the dictionary (albeit, as a “nonstandard”), makes you look and sound like a fucking moron.

    “Regardless” does the job. It means “without regard”. So adding the prefix “ir-“ is goddamned redundant.

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