What is the snobbiest profession?

What is the snobbiest profession?

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  1. Dentists.

    1. You’re rarely ever covered by insurance for everything you need done at the dentist.

    2. “If you were flossing your gums wouldn’t bleed so much” is a stereotype yet they all fall into it.

    3. HYPER judgmental. I’ve had a dentist say he was going to predict my life off of my teeth. He was drastically wrong and also fairly racist in his description.

    4. Charge for your first born son to have anything of consequence taken care of.

    5. Give fake pity constantly but don’t have a shred of empathy or decency in their bones.

    tl;dr Lawyers rarely fit into the stereotype of nickel and diming you for tiny things. Dentists do.

  2. Medical Assistants.

    Fuck you and your extra-long Q-tips. I know my body and that shit is going to irritate the lining of my nose and make me sneeze all over you. So just understand that right now and we’ll both…

    wait. Thought title said “snottiest”.


  3. Business. I’ve never met someone who could be called a “business person” that wasn’t either full of themselves or thought they know better than the people actually doing the logistics that makes things happen. All you need to know is that some people actually think money makes the world go round, even though money is worthless without logistics.

  4. Art gallery owners. Normal people don’t get into that kind of business. It’s a self-selecting group of artistic types and the people prepared to play the game to make money off artistic types. I don’t want to say they’re all crazy or weirdos, but the all have big personalities in one way or another.

  5. Some people might say that the snobbiest profession is one that requires a lot of education and pays well, such as medicine or law. Others might say that the snobbiest profession is one that has a lot of prestige, such as being an actor or a model.

  6. Probably the medical field. I mean, I know they’ve earned the title, but hearing something correct a Mr or Mrs with “Umm it’s DR Fredriction” just comes off as insta douchey.

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