What is the strangest compliment you have ever received?

What is the strangest compliment you have ever received?

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  1. That I have perfect eyebrows.

    I’m a guy and I get this one pretty frequently from women. I don’t do anything with them and it’s made a few female friends of mine jealous over the years. I don’t understand how or why their perfect (they’re eyebrows…) but, as I said, I get this one a lot.

  2. I was dressed as a zombie for a scare acting job at a haunted house – full-on gore, horrendous outfit, the works.

    I scared a group of lads and then as they were walking away I heard – “Dude, was it just me or did that zombie have a fantastic ass?”

  3. *”Damn, you go hard for a guy wearing a cardigan.”*

    I’ve shared this story before, but to give a little background, I absolutely love punk rock and especially love being in the pit at shows. However, I don’t really look the type to be there most of the time.

    In late 2019 I went to see The Distillers in concert in Minneapolis. I had been wanting to see them ever since I was 16 years old, but I never got a chance before they broke up, because I was too young for most of their shows. So, with that said I was super excited for this show since I had been waiting about 15 years for it.

    I decided to wear a grey button up shirt and a beige cardigan with dark blue jeans. I looked pretty normal, but definitely stood out at the show full of a bunch of punks wearing all black and studs. The show gets going and I’m having a blast in the pit. I was in it for nearly every song, stopping briefly to catch my breath for a bit before being pushed back in. During one of these breaks this biker looking dude with a shaved head, tattoos, and a long grey beard puts his hand on my shoulder and says, “Damn, you go hard for a guy wearing a cardigan.” I thought it was a hilarious and very unexpected, so I just gave him a nod and made my way back in.

    Definitely paid for it the next day as [I was pretty banged up all over,](https://imgur.com/a/k4wExZM) but it was such a great show and that super random and kinda strange sounding compliment really helped make that night special.

  4. As I was being lectured in middle school for shooting spit balls the teacher abruptly told me I have beautiful eyes. She then kept lecturing me and gave me in school suspension. It was really weird

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