What is the weirdest conspiracy theory you ever heard?

What is the weirdest conspiracy theory you ever heard?

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  1. I grew up in a white nationalist cult that believed that white people were a lost tribe of Israel, and were God’s true chosen people.

    Naturally, zionists conspired to suppress the truth, and must be toppled…

    Maybe not the *weirdest*, but it’s pretty fucking weird.

  2. That 9/11 was an inside job. Super, super weird that anyone would believe that the U.S. governnent could pull that off when nobody in our government can even manage to do the bare minimum most days.

    Even the damn Reptillian conspiracy theory is more believable than that.

  3. Jim Morrison (of the Doors) faked his own death…

    (wait for it)

    … By having his soul transplanted into another body who adopted the moniker “Jim Jones” (the leader of the Jonestown cult).

  4. hear me out- There is more than one Kim Kardashian.


    I found it baffling how she could change her hair colour so many times per day and how her face looked different each post and how she could be in so many places at the same time.

    The idea that Kim Kardashian was a brand made by her consisting of her lookalikes to do more stuff at once and pose for photos made sense to me, but I’ve learned how batshit crazy my theory was.

  5. Human were not naturally that intelligent. Some intelligent alien species came to earth thousands of years ago, they were kind to us, and thus operated some surgery on our brains, which eventually enhanced our intelligence.

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