What is the weirdest natural phenomenon?

What is the weirdest natural phenomenon?

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  1. Basically anything to do with physics on an atomic level or smaller is weird. Is Schrodinger’s cat dead? Fuck if I know. Is light a particle or wave? Why yes, yes indeed.

    Hell, it gets super weird on the astronomical level, too. We can see 5,000 stars with the naked eye. We can see many more with the help of telescopes and other such equipment. But where is most of the universe? DARK. That’s the best answer we have. Fucking **DARK**.

  2. alien: ok so your planet has times where miles-long death rays made of millions of volts of electricity just randomly erupt from the atmosphere and go pretty much fuck knows where

    human: yep that’s right

    alien: look we don’t want any trouble, we were just leaving

  3. If you think about it the concept of volcanos is so weird

    “2,000 degree liquid bursting out of a mountain with a little hole in it causing surrounding rocks to become burnt”

  4. How in the world did life start? Theory is that hot ocean vents were spewing out radioactive materials as well as tons of nutrients where those molecules then started to bind to each other and create different complex molecules and those molecules just somehow happened to form into RNA which just so happened to somehow gain the ability to replicate itself which then turned into DNA, then cells, then into more complex life.

    Like how the hell did those molecules just form the right thing and multiple times and what exactly triggered a mindless molecule to suddenly have an urge or drive to replicate itself? Where did that come from? Crazy, weird, and fascinating.

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