What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you?

What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you?

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  1. My birthday was coming up so made some plans with pals to go out for dinner at an Indian restaurant. My friend called the restaurant to make a reservation for 8 people at 7pm on a Friday under my name (first name and last) and the host said they already had that reservation listed under the same name, number of people, time and date.

    A little confused by the information, my friend apologized to the host and then called me asking if I or someone else made the reservation already. I didn’t and after asking around no one else did either. My friend then called the restaurant back and asked for another reservation under my name for 8 people at the exact same time and date. They accepted the reservation.

    On my birthday, we showed up at the dinner at 7pm and there was another table for 8 people celebrating the birthday of the person with the same name as me. Exact same circumstances: name, birthday, number of people, date and time and location of the celebration – all by total coincidence. It also turned out that we have a mutual friend.

  2. A lot of weird things have happened to me over the course of my life, so it’s hard to narrow it down to the weirdest since there are so many interpretations of weird.

    The one that comes to mind first has to be when I was a security guard and found out that one of the tenants in the building had a pet alligator that management didn’t know about. I found out the hard way. I was doing my rounds and found a real live alligator in the hallway at 1am. He was a little guy, but I still couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I went back into the stairwell and took a breather for a moment before checking to see if I had seen a dog and just had a brain malfunction or something.

    Nope. Still a gator.

  3. My partner and I were in Tōyako, Japan. We hiked up a hill overlooking the town for the view, there were some parked construction vehicles and trailers. A fog rolled in almost immediately, which was a bit creepy but whatever. But a moment later we started hearing something resembling a toy robot woman’s voice in the distance – not that distant, which was more creepy. Then a raven landed on the trailer nearest to us and started cawing, at that point we started speed walking the fuck off that hill.

  4. Back in college an old lady once came up to me at a Starbucks while I was studying and asked if I could look up who founded the Benihana restaurant chain. I looked it up for her and told her and she just responded “No, that’s wrong. It was Benjamin Hana” and walked away.

  5. In NYC, 1995 I was a passenger in a pick up truck loaded with chickens in cages. It was about 2:00 am. The driver was extremely inebriated. He was racing through the city at a high speed, going through every red light and screaming racist comments out the window. I was terrified

    He almost clipped an unmarked police van who overtook us and forced us to stop. I did not know it was a police van. All I saw was 5 guys the size of football players carrying guns running toward us. I thought I was going to die

    Those cops were pretty confused when I realized who they were and was thanking them for stopping that truck

    I can’t image what would have happened if this was post 9/11

  6. So, for context: my kettle stopped working and my mum gave me 20 bucks to go and buy a new one in a shopping centre.

    I went to the shopping centre with my two friends, because we also wanted to buy our friend a birthday gift. So, I bought the kettle and a gift and we left the shopping centre. Than suddenly, an old man comes up to us and starts to ask about the kettle. Where did I buy it, how much it cost, does it have a thermometer etc. I answered his questions and we head down to a bus stop. A few minutes later the same man comes up and asks even more questions about the kettle. I basically felt like I’m giving an interview, he asked me almost everything he could. I kinda weired out and felt really awkward, so I told him that we are in a hurry for the bus. He left us alone and went his way. It was honestly just so weird and awkward lol

  7. I once went to the hairdresser and a lady that was waiting on her husband that was in another chair, took some of my hair from the floor, put it in a plastic bag and said: “I’m gonna drop it in the playground to teach the kids that you shouldn’t loiter”.

    Me and my hairdresser just looked at each other with no clue what to say.

  8. I was sitting at a bus station when a random guy handed me 50€ without explanation. I was flabbergastet. I said something like “Hey, whats that?!”, but he walked away very quickly and mumbled something with a heavy accent so i couldn’t understand him. I was too confused to even thank him.

  9. I was doing IT work as a teenager and went to a beach resort to help an old lady with a printer. I wasn’t allowed to contact her directly but had to work through a representative to get into the building. Her apartment was super nice and she had a bunch of trophies on her shelf and I’m pretty sure one was was an Emmy. She was overly friendly and even shared some dinner with me.

    Told later that she was a celebrity but I wasn’t given her name.

  10. This happened a while ago so please bear with me here. I was out of town with my girls and we pulled up to some random dark and dingy shisha bar. We were having a laugh, catching up and then boys came up.

    I had been on one date with a guy from another city. I wasn’t impressed by his money and he proceeded to patronise me to regain his pride. I wouldn’t be seeing him again.

    The topic moved on and we were having a good time. I just so happened to gaze across the shisha bar and guess who was sitting in the centre…. The guy I was talking about…. We were both from different cities in another city and ended up the same dark dingy shisha bar…

    I lost my sh8t! I had to, calmly, explain what was happening to the girls and they had to act normal. Did they try? Yes. Did they absolutely fail? Ofcourse they did! WTF was ricocheting across the walls 🤣

    I invited said dufus over to our table and he continued on trying to be patronising in front of an audience this time. I put him I’m his place and told the girls we were making tracks.

    What erupted when we got back to the car was sheer confusion and disbelief that happened.

    Of all the Shisha bars you could’ve walked into 🤣

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