What is the weirdest thing you’ve experienced outside that has no definite explanation?

What is the weirdest thing you’ve experienced outside that has no definite explanation?

What do you think?


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  1. Maybe not supernatural, but I used to work at Walgreens. On an average day, working in the cash register, I see a tall black skinny man walk towards me. His back was bent back, walking like a creature from a b-movie. His eyes were bloodshot red. He had no teeth, he was wearing pants as a shirt, a rag covering his genitals, barefoot and smelling like shit.

    We never deny service to homeless people but this was something else.

    He brings up a 4pack of natural ice to the counter, his hands were crazy twisted. I scan the beers, and put them in a bag.

    I tell him, “that’s 3.49 sir” and proceeds to shout at me and starts waving his hands trying to reach his back.

    His screech sounded like he was in agony.

    He reaches back to his ass, and pulls out a 5 dollar bill… covered in shit. In SHIT (this is important later)

    I act as politely as I can, take the bill and before I can give him his change, he runs away with his 4 pack.

    I can’t find a reason for him to run away, I was literally going to give him his change. But as soon as he walks out he opens one of the beers and downs it in 2 chugs. And the next one as well… And the next one. And the last one.

    He proceeds to scream and run around outside the store, harassing customers. I call my manager, and he calls the cops. Walks outside meanwhile to scare the poor guy away.

    The guy proceeds to take his “shirt” off, and starts banging it on the floor, shouting.

    Moments later the cops show up and try to cuff him up. He obviously resisted.

    To say it was brutal would be and understatement.

    He got shoved in the back of the cop car and started screeching like a mating cat.

    He was not having it. He was a true warrior. But seconds before finally getting the door closed he gives me the dirtiest look I’ve ever gotten. A look that said “this is your fault, i will find you”

    All of this happened while “Party In The USA” by Miley Cyrus was playing in the background.

    Fast forward, I ask the manager what to do with the bill, he says “money’s money, keep it in the register”

    The stench was awful both for me and the customers.

    I decided I had enough and handed it as change to a cool dude who had no problem with it.

    The next day a customer pays me with the SAME bill.

    I tried so many times to get rid of the bill, but it always kept coming back. Always.

    One day I said fuck it and just took it and threw it to the trash compressor. Never to be seen again.

    I swear his screech still haunts me to this day. 2 years later.

    I can’t explain it.

    This is what happens in south Florida.

  2. I was lying in bed with my girlfriend watching TV. We’re the only ones in the house and the shower turned on, like a steady stream not just dripping water. I got out of bed, terrified, walked into the bathroom and turned it off. Had to turn the knob 90 degrees to shut it off.

    Never happened before and hasn’t happened again and it was a tight handle, not really loose as if its own weight could turn it. Damn ghost plumbers.

  3. A staircase in a forest.

    You hear urban legends about them. Creepy pasta stories about them.

    Finding one, just a set of stairs standing alone in a secluded wooded area, invokes such a viscerally disturbing sense of wrongness that it makes sense why horror stories are written about them.

    I still inwardly shudder remembering the stairs. Why were they there? What happened to the rest of the structure and why were the stairs left behind?

  4. This one deer was running beside my car looking at me so I slowed down in case it ran in front of me, and it slowed down, and it just kept matching my speed, it was weird af and I eventually just floored it.

  5. I would say the time I saw a UFO very clearly but the explanation is that they are probably aliens. If they were an experimental craft designed by humans, why would they come to my town?

  6. I worked a late shift, I got off at 3:30am. It was a small city (~100k people) and the roads were completely dead at that time of morning, it wasn’t uncommon for me to go the entire 10 miles home without seeing another car.

    So I was driving along the highway and the radio station cut out mid-song. It didn’t turn to static, it was just silence. After about 5 seconds there was this really bright column of light off in the distance for a split second, it was possibly even past the horizon it was so far away. The column of light stretched so far up that I couldn’t see the top of it because the roof of my car was in the way. Then another few seconds and the radio station came back on, the song having progressed like there was no interruption at all.

    It was not lightning. It was clear skies and long sightlines. I found zero mention of it anywhere online over the next couple of days. None of my co-workers who got off at the same time as me saw it as they lived a lot closer to work and were already inside and the rest of the overnight crew who was still working was on the other side of the building where the light wouldn’t have been able to be seen out the window (that was the normal place for our workspaces).

    I have no idea what it was. It 100% wasn’t lightning or a meteor. I have no idea if it was somehow related to the radio cutting out. It didn’t seem to cause any electrical disturbance otherwise.

  7. As a kid, I spent an afternoon at a historic mansion near London. One guy dressed in a 1700s suit walked behind a tree and never came out again. I walked all the way around it, he wasn’t there and nowhere nearby.

    So that’s why (despite being a scientist) I still think that ghosts could possibly exist.

  8. was driving down the highway headed to work, was doing about 65, and something told me to just get over into the other lane, there wasnt any other car on the road, so i hesitated for a second or two, but got over. The second i changed lanes I seen headlights come blaring over the hill on my side of the highway. they were probably going atleast going as fast as I was, I would have most certainly d!ed if I didnt change lanes.

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