What is the worst change you’ve ever seen made in an adaptation?

What is the worst change you’ve ever seen made in an adaptation?

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  1. *Jurassic Park* is a perfect movie and a great adaptation to one of my favorite books of all time… but the best character in the book in my opinion is Robert Muldoon, and his character in the movie doesn’t really do him justice.

    Muldoon in the book is an alcoholic hard ass who finds himself at odds with the rest of the staff at the park due to his belief that dinosaurs are *fucking dangerous* and the park doesn’t have enough weapons. When the dinosaurs escape he successfully kills two raptors and a T-Rex, some of which he takes down with **a rocket launcher**. Despite putting himself at great risk and being *very drunk for the majority of the novel*, Muldoon escapes the island with very little injury.

    In the movie he says “clever girl” and gets eaten by a raptor. Still a good character, but I’d love to see book Muldoon.

  2. Eragon. The whole thing is a bad adaptation, but one of the first things that happened in the movie that made me go “Oh, this is gonna be a bad one.” was Saphira growing up into an adult dragon almost immediately after hatching and telling Eragon “My name is Saphira.”

  3. There are so many things to choose from, like it is not even funny…

    Dragonball Evolution: I mean, this entire movie was just terrible.

    Eragon: Mispronounced names, dragon design was wrong, death of Brom. This entire movie was as if someone read the first few chapters and disregarded the rest.

    Avatar The Last Airbender: Mispronounced names, any type of bending looked weak af, fire benders couldn’t produce their own fire, the avatar state bs at the end was lackluster.

    Hitman (both movies): Let me state that if you have not played the games, this adaptation might not bother you. But for me, it completely disregards how Agent 47 is actually an incredibly intelligent and calculating assassin and turns him into another shoot em up movie.

    Also, almost every live action anime adaptation.

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