What is the worst gift you received?

What is the worst gift you received?

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  1. It was a Christmas present from a company I worked for. It was a voucher that gave you a certain amount of money (not sure how much it was), to donate to a good charity. Nothing else, nothing for the employees themselves…pfff

  2. When I broke up with my first boyfriend I gave him another chance. So one day he suddenly started to call me “monkey”, what I hated and confused me but he didn’t stop…a few days later I got the reason: He sent me a gift from an online flower delivery service. This gift included flowers I didn’t like in a color I didn’t like with a vase in Chinese style, what was absolutely not my style and a little monkey toy… I know he tried a nice gesture there, but all I saw was that he never listened, nor remembered anything I liked or disliked in the years we were together and that actually hurt me, so I broke up with him for real.

  3. It’s a toss up between a really hideous and itchy sweater, that wasnt my style and barely fit, and some really strong-smelling, cheap perfume. I have a bit of an allergy to a lot of scents and perfumes, and that one definitely triggered my allergy badly. Another thing is people gifting me a lot of chocolate and candy when they know I’m diabetic.

  4. I have a cousin that makes a lot of those shitty family and live laugh love type signs as her job. She made one for me with my favorite sports team. The thing is, she’s actually quite terrible as an artist and painted the logo by hand. It looked like it was made by a child. I spent a substantial amount on a thoughtful gift for her. We made a “no handmade shit” rule for future Christmas parties. I burned it in a bonfire a few weeks later.

  5. It’s not necassarily the gift itself, it’s how little thought was put into it.

    I was in a group with three close friend who happened to have their birthdays before me. In the year we all turned eighteen, me and the girl who turned eighteen second, gifted the friend that had their birthday first a huge album full of photos and texts to the fotos. I even drew a few comics, we truly put so much thought and time in it and it was really personalised and we had fun doing and gifting it.

    The second friend got a box full of stuff, that reminded us of her. Since she just got her ears pierced I bought her earrings on Etsy for 20 Dollars total made a whole little booklet of card game instructions and so on. She as well got a (much tinier) photo album that was made by the other friend. Again, time (and money) consuming, thoughtful, and personalised.

    Then I turned eighteen. And I got a gift card (during covid) for a travel to a nearby city that I never even mentioned to be interested in (mostly because I’m not). I was so disappointed. Because both of the others got so thoughtout gifts that were really showing the attention we paid to them and then I got this travel giftcard that felt so thoughtless. Like “Hm, what are we gonna get her” “hm, idk” “Maybe a travel” “Yeah, where” “idk” “Let’s pick one close so we can do it on a weekend and it’s easier to go”

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s an expensive gift but the point of the first two gifts wasn’t the money. They were saying: “Hey, we pay attention to you, we care about you” and mine was just a gift card. It still bothers me. And on the other hand I think I’m acting like a brat because it’s an expensive gift, once it’s really happening, and it’s nice spending time together.

    Edit: Maybe I’m the asshole here, feel free to tell me

  6. When I was a teenager, chocolate gave me the worst migraines. Eating or smelling chocolate would make my head hurt so bad I’d have to spend rest of the day laying down in a dark room. So my aunt naturally got me chocolate and chocolate-scented shower gel for Christmas. I gave them to my sister, but we had to throw the shower gel out because it was so strongly scented I couldn’t go to the bathroom or be near my sister without throwing up.

    My aunt doesn’t give me gifts anymore and I’m really glad about that.

  7. When I was 8, one of my classmates gave me soap for Secret Santa. It was… odd. Mum was pissed, lol. In retrospective, they have no money and I was in a private school. Some sweets would’ve been nicer. Even cheap under a dollar bubble gum would’ve been nicer. The girl was super embarrassed. The teacher was speechless. 🤣🙈

  8. When I was younger one of my older brothers went through a period of giving me totally shit gifts for Christmas/birthdays. One year he got me a pair of what seemed like an obvious regift of cheap portable speakers that he won in an office secret Santa. Another year he got me a bag of… coffee beans. I’m not a coffee snob and happily drink instant (which is what I drink 99% of the time). Not even gourmet shit, just run-of-the-mill ordinary coffee beans. I didn’t own a coffee grinder. My brother was also working in a Starbuck’s at the time.

    When I was 13 or 14 my parents got me an issue of PC Gamer magazine. That was it.

  9. My husbands aunt and uncle make a calendar every year with 100s of pictures of their kids in it. Just the kids.

    My aunt gives thrift shop gifts like old books. She’s rich.

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