What is the worst question you have ever been asked?

What is the worst question you have ever been asked?

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  1. I used to work retail years ago and an elderly couple were checking out and they had a child with them maybe about 10 yrs old. While checking them out the old man is looking at my tattoos and asks me are you in a gang. I looked at him and said yea I am why. He looked shocked and didn’t say anything else and stayed quiet. After they left my manager came over and said you can’t say that to customers. I laughed in her face and told her to tell customers not to ask questions if they don’t like the response. I’m not in a gang btw lol just a lot of tattoos. Also been called a skin head,white supremacist and a kkk member on more than a few occasions because I am balding slightly so I just keep my head shaved.

  2. “are you pregnant?”

    No random co-worker I’m not pregnant. I’m fat with a round belly. Now while I’m not that fat, I’m just slightly fat and you think that every time I’m bloated is an invitation to ask if I’m pregnant. No. I’m not. I don’t like you, and I’m waiting for either death to carry you on or you to retire. Which ever comes first.

  3. Is the moon a planet? -My dumb friend…

    Where is the United States? -My French 2 teacher senior year…

    What shape is this? -My Art teacher sophmore year pointing at the octagon…

    What is a noun and a verb? -My English teacher teaching 7th graders… (though it was a class for people that had trouble with English…except I knew 3 people in there that were smart…and I’m saying that I should’ve never been in that class to begin with…)

    Do you know where he is? -Dora the Blind Explorer…

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