What is the worst thing you have ever smelled?

What is the worst thing you have ever smelled?

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  1. Went on a hunting trip with my dad and for bad luck we were staying closer to a thrown pig carcass that spoiled during the roasting process (rainfall) and the smell of death was beyond awful. The issue with the roasted pig (pasmar in Spanish) means that when people start roasting the pig it suddenly starts raining and extinguishes the flames keeping the roasted pork at a decent cooking temperature. In order for the meat to properly cook, the temp has to remain stable for several hours. Lowering the temp and then recooking spoils the process so when that happens people simply toss the entire spoiled pork away.

  2. There was a kid in our elementary school that had severe sanitary issues. We took a trip to our splash pad one year and whenever they got in the water that hit them would come out dark brown, to give you an idea.

    Cut to the end of 7th grade and the students are reporting a smell coming from one of the lockers. It’s the locker that belongs to the kid. They open it and what looks to be a turkey sandwich from the first week of school has just been rotting in the lower section of the locker. I still have trouble eating turkey sandwiches after that.

  3. So the first time I smelled a grease trap I thought that was it. It was like hitting a wall of odor that made my eyes shut instinctively and I let out a gasp of horror.

    That was until I visited the wastewater treatment center outside of Paris on an engineering exchange program. Let me be clear, it has literally nothing to do with the fact that it was in France. It’s the scale of the thing thing. I’ve seen a lot of water and wastewater treatment plants in my day an engineering student. The water treatment outside of Paris is monumental, it is a marvel of engineering in its scale alone. The smell on the other hand, is something from the depths of hades. Maybe it’s because of the size, or maybe it’s because thee sludge dewatering system is so efficient, I don’t know. All I know is that all the smell of all the meals eaten in Paris digested by bacteria is something I will remember until my dying day.

    No water or wastewater treatment plant I have ever been to smells good, they all smell like shit, that’s how you know the bacteria are doing their work. This was on another level, I had the foresight to bring vicks vaporub to put under my nose as I had done at other treatment plants. The smells from that plant laughed in my face and up my nose all the way to the back of my head. My eyes HURT from the smell. Hell, my EARS hurt from the smell, and my nose ceased to be an asset and became a liability like a gangrenous limb. This is what it smells like when Satan shits on a bad day.

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