What is very romanticized but is really crappy in reality?

What is very romanticized but is really crappy in reality?

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  1. Artists and other creative types. A lot of people want to believe it’s a whimsical endeavor, but it can take hours, months, or even years to create something depending on what the field is. Sometimes you think it’s okay one day, then think it’s a pile of shit the next. And then you get the assholes who think “exposure” can pay for heating and lighting, and you should just do it for free because AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

  2. I visited Rome and I wasn’t impressed. It’s a pretty good reminder of how less is more. The flaunting of wealth in that city and the hysterical hypocrisy of the Vatican really soured my experience. I’m not the type to full fedora atheist whenever I see a cross, but something in me got so fucking triggered at seeing how disgustingly greedy and disrespectful to other cultures the Vatican was, all the while preaching the qualities of Christianity that they didn’t follow in the slightest. The most ironic thing for me was while I n the st Peter’s church and our guide showed us a mosaic replica of a paint of a biblical story about a woman who converts to Christianity but is struck down by God because she didn’t give up all of her earthly possessions to be a true Christian. Essentially, she was supposed to live in abject poverty in order to follow him and since she kept a few belongings, that was enough for him to kill her. Moral of the story, don’t be materialistic. Says the painting. That is a mosaic replica. In a church that is nothing but gold and marble as far as the eye can see. Motherfucker. The obelisks were the worst part. I’m also not a crazy sjw, but omg was it infuriating to see how they had vandalized artifacts that belonged to the Egyptians and used these culturally significant heirlooms as sign posts for their own bs churches all around Rome. They had only returned one of them to the Egyptians and that was because that one wasn’t on Vatican territory. . . So essentially the Vatican be like: yeah we know we stole your cultural artifacts and vandalized the shit out of them and that you want them back, but we are the Vatican so… sorry.

    I know I was supposed to be oo-ing and aaah-ing at the displays of wealth and art in the Vatican and in Rome in general, but all I saw was extreme greed and materialism overloaded on every street corner. Felt like the biggest dick measuring contest I have ever seen and it was a turn off for me. The food was great, but I won’t be going back.

  3. Having sex anywhere else than a bed (or a really wide couch).

    Standing in a shower and having sex requires core strength of a mountain climber if you want to do it for more than 10 seconds. Water is as good a lube as sand.

    Tables often wont really be built to hold the weight and will break unless you fuck like you’re 90 and roleplaying slow-motion.

    Desks? Pushing all the crap down on the floor and having to clean for an hour afterwards? No thanks.

  4. I’d have to say Paris. Don’t get me wrong the Eiffel Tower and all the main attractions are cool, and I love the bread in Paris but other than that it’s kinda bad. When you’re walking around the streets of Paris you’re never gonna not smell smoke. A lot of people there are really rude too. I remember I was walking around with my family (and at the time I didn’t speak to well of French but well enough) and this one dude when we rejected his offer called my mom a bitch. Also, a lot of people there will try and pick pocket you. If you take a taxi, it’s super overpriced since Covid happened and all the gas prices skyrocketed. One more thing though, if you have to eat gluten free food, pretty much your only option of food there is either a salad or eating just a burger without the bread on it. They really don’t have a lot of gluten-free stuff there at all.

  5. Calling your partner, “mommy” or “daddy,” it’s insane how a family title can be so easily sexualized, and the fact the porn industry promotes Step-family, honestly it’s sickening how people enjoy incest and try and make excuses of how it’s not the same.

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