What is your anti-drinking solution?

What is your anti-drinking solution?

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  1. Ok. This is working for me cause I’m a beer drinker. Something for you to try anyway.

    Drink those non alcoholic beers. Try all of them. Some are actually decent.

  2. Me? Done enough drugs and alcohol at FSU, former top national party school, to last a lifetime. That and having friends who became alcoholics. Everything in moderation.

  3. Be a muslim i recommend it. It’s a road to happiness in life and what’s after. it reduces the acts that causes 3 am thoughts and eternal self shaming before sleeping. No really it’s never too late to convert to islam it really costs nothing but a few minutes of your day. Maybe try giving it a chance
    Atleast don’t start it. it’s a bad addiction that doesn’t make any sense

  4. In my country, drinking isn’t as accepted or tolerated as it is in the US. There is very little of co-workers going to bars after work, or purposefully going out to drink on weekends. We use alcohol as cleaner-burning fuel for modified engines. That’s not to say there isn’t drinking, though.

  5. Try getting drunk on whatever tastes like shit. I once tried drinking a fifth of coconut flavored rum with vanilla, and puked a couple shots into it. Shot in is gross, and will make you not want to drink anymore.

    I can’t drink certain vodkas because of what’s in them taste wise. Make ethanol your worst enemy. It smells bad, you smell like you’ve been drinking, but everyone is too polite to comment.

  6. I am 18 but look younger so one time I asked my roommate to hold on to my Id for a week and during that time I count get my hands on alcohol. I tried to buy some 3 times in that week and all three times was called a kid and kicked out without alcohol.

  7. Take up a hobby that needs you to think clearly to engage, preferably something with commitments you’ll keep.

    I’m big on fasting (do your own research) and that has really gotten my tolerance down.

  8. “Don’t pick up the first drink. It’s the first drink that gets you drunk” (bc you’re more like to continue drinking a second, third, fourth, tenth after having that first drink)

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