What is your biggest high school regret?

What is your biggest high school regret?

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  1. I’m in high school right now and I feel like I’m gonna regret alot of things because I’m wasting my youth. I just feel quite depressed and lost my chances of making friends. I don’t sneak outta the house, go to parties, or do anything fun. I just I hope can fall in love atleast, that’s all I want.

  2. I slacked off so hard my Senior year I lost Dean’s List, had to pay back a good amount from that.

    But all that slacking got me some lifetime friends, so maybe not all that bad.

  3. Would have gotten professional photos done. Had to have someone from the yearbook committee take mine senior year. I wasn’t in the yearbook. That when I found out people were real jerks in the world.

  4. I got a shirt signed by the lead singer of a band I liked. I met him at my school and I was starstruck. It was an amazing experience.

    And then I gave the shirt to a girl I liked…

  5. Standing out definitely, I used to do rebellious things like painting my nails as a guy and that would usually end up with me getting berated with insults, mostly just gay or f*g… I graduated in 2020 BTW so homophobia really does still exist, unfortunately.

  6. Getting kicked out. I am simultaneously ashamed and not ashamed about it. I get bullied a lot in school and I was physically unable to defend myself so I opted for psychological conditioning and I ended up manipulating all the kids I didn’t like into being terrified of me like I didn’t have to say stuff for them to just come up with it on their own but it ended up backfiring and somebody came up with something that was a little too far and I got kicked out

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