What is your biggest regret that others should learn from?

What is your biggest regret that others should learn from?

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  1. Not treating her right (So if you have someone that you love and genuinely care about than treat them right because eventually they will LEAVE)!!!

  2. i did heroin for a while and caused a lot of unnecessary stress and pain on my fam and friends that could have been dealt with in another way had i known more about things like depression and anxiety and stuff. i guarentee anyone that you cant control it. everyone thinks they can til they go oh shit i cant and then you either get clean or you die.

  3. Learn to give up on people that won’t try hard enough. It seems cruel, but you will absolutely drain yourself of energy and time caring about someone with the wrong kind of logic.

  4. Spending 15 years of my life stoned out of my mind. I don’t remember anything and wasted a lot of money just to numb myself🙈

  5. If you take decongestant nose spray too often, you get addicted to it (that’s why you aren’t supposed to take it for longer than a few days). If you have breathing problems without it – go to an ENT. There’s therapy against rhinitis medicamentosa. Also there might be an issue like deviated septum which can be fixed. Could kick myself not talking with a doctor about it 20 years earlier.

  6. Living in australia, parents talked me out of doing an apprenticeship in electrical. Now i severely regret it because it is one of the trades that pays a shit tonne.

  7. Go and have fun, even if your parents don’t approve, nothing can make the memories and give you the experiences you missed out on when you were younger.
    I was a pretty good kid, parents happy with me coz I did as they said but now I’m older I realise I have huge gaps in my teens where other kids were out doing stuff and I was just sat at my house or at work because my parents didn’t want me to go, feels like I’m missing a lot of my childhood experiences and I’m paying the price now

  8. go vegan and stop hating yourself for being an animal abusing hypocritical piece of shit

    the sooner you do it the less you’ll hate yourself

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