What is your “comfort tv show” and why?

What is your “comfort tv show” and why?

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  1. Archer. Short episodes, mostly light tone, and has both simple and smart humor. Also the continuity never matters enough to prevent random episode viewing.

  2. Greys Anatomy from series 1 up until just before the plane crash storyline. If I’m feeling like I’m rock bottom a fresh binge watch cheers me up

  3. Oddly kitchen nightmares or hotel hell. I just love watching Gordon call people muppets, and I’ve worked in a lot of restaurants. For whatever reason it calms me down. I could fall asleep to it, even while I’m cringing about some of the stuff I’ve seen.

  4. BoJack Horseman,
    Basically, this show is fantastic, well written to be funny and expose some often missed personality red flags of mental illness, narcissism and drug/alcohol dependency. Because of this show, I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with anxiety and received the help I needed.

  5. Fresh Meat.

    A show about a group of university students going through their degree. I didn’t get through university but always loved the ‘life’ that surrounded it, brings back some nice memories!

  6. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    Just a fantastic show with amazing characters that tackles a whole host of serious topics. 10/10, would binge again (and again, and again, and…)

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