what is your earliest memory?

what is your earliest memory?

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  1. I was probably 4/5 years old. My only friend at the time was this girl who was my age, and I was at her house for Halloween.

    I remember walking down stairs in my costume and heading towards the front door because the fog machine smelled weird and bothered me. Door was open, walked out, and I saw her standing by the tree out front.

    Pretty sure that was the first time I fell in love. Probably why I remember it so well

  2. Being around two years old and my grandfather lifting me to the ceiling to touch this dark spot I found amusing for some reason. Literally every time they came over I asked him to do that for me.

    I was a weird kid. Now I’m a weird adult.

  3. A weird dream I had between my toddler/infancy stages. I had a stuffed koala that was dressed in full Australian cargo fashion. I had a dream where I was crawling around between mine and my brother’s twin beds, and the koala was laying there. I crawled towards him and he got up and grabbed me by the throat. The dream then ended.

  4. This is so wild but I remember the first time I felt like I had done some kind of problem solving in my life. I was around three, playing outside when I came around to the garage and noticed my older sister, maybe 4 or 5, standing next to a pile of poop on the ground and my little brain cells started firing on all cylinders

    “Sister. Shit. Garage. My sister shit in the garage!”

    She had, in fact, shit in the garage. I don’t know why.

  5. I was three, I had childhood insomnia that was tied to a seemingly genetic sleep phase disorder. I couldn’t sleep at night most of the time and my dad became convinced I was just doing it on purpose. He kept coming in to check if I was asleep yet then he’d scream at me for still being awake. He told me to stop crying and when I didn’t, he picked me up and threw me in the bathtub with my bedding, then turned the shower on cold and soaked me with it. He soaked my pillow, blanket, me – all with ice-cold water. My mom tried to get me out and he pushed her away. I don’t remember what happened after that but it’s the earliest memory I have and I’ve never forgotten it.

  6. I was something about 3 years old. I had red corduroy dungarees. I was with my mom, grandma and grandpa on a walk. Suddenly I shit myself, sat down on sidewalk and started crying. That was sick.

  7. I have a handful of memories from when I was 4 (I know I was 4 because of where we were living).

    I remember watching my dad and the neighbors play basketball and being jealous that I couldn’t play with them

    I remember that I used to go for walks with my mom and we would always stop at the same spot because there was a friendly dog we would pet and moss growing between the sidewalk cracks that I would dig up and take home.

    I remember falling out of the tree in front of the house and my dad running out and picking me up and carrying me home.

    I remember tripping and falling off the front porch and landing in a pile of dog shit.

    No idea which one of these happened first.

  8. I think it was my first doctors appointment. The one where they hold the child upside down and stuff. Although the memory is blurry, I know that the one putting me in those positions was a young blonde lady and it was the funniest shit ever to me.

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