What is your favorite physical feature about yourself?

What is your favorite physical feature about yourself?

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  1. I love my curves, I have great hips. I was straight as a stick until a few years ago. A lot of women get curvy overnight around year 20.

  2. I have an amazing ass, and people call me asshole because I’m also broke and always borrowing money. “It’s like throwing money into a bottomless well.” Except I have a bottom, thus “asshole”.

  3. My breasts but not for the reason you’re thinking. They’re my favorite because I’m blessed to have breast milk for my baby in a time of formula shortages in the USA

  4. I have to wear my hair up for my job, but when I take it down I love the shock most people get. It’s thick, healthy and down to my knees. Its like I’ve performed a magic trick every time I take it down 🎉

  5. My weight. I’m 52 and can still fit in my wedding dress. Last year, my husband and I recreated our wedding pictures for our 25th anniversary. He had to rent a different tuxedo, which I made sure to tease him about.

  6. eyes, they’re dark green with a bit of orangeish in some parts and i have a freckle in each eye, my lips are a very nice rosy color and are pretty and have a nice shape, also my freckles. yeah that’s really it. i don’t love too much about myself tbh. i guess it depends on the day

  7. my thick curly hair and my eyes. i get a lot of compliments on my eyes…they’re like sage green and teal blue and i think they’re one of my best features.

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