What is your favourite fun fact?

What is your favourite fun fact?

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  1. Factoid means a false piece of information that is repeated often enough that people accept it as a real fact.

    Someone came up with “facticle” as a replacement; I try to use that instead.

  2. Fun fact: we are all caught/trapped in a habitual loop that keeps us in a sane state to feel safe. Granted, it’s a way of self preservation but in the end having a conscious and free will? makes us want to break free from addicting habits. These are all constructed within themselves i.e a loop within a loop and breaking free from the small one and slowly increment to large habits such as emotional reaction instead of logical thoughtful can make a good impact in our lives.

    Re-mold yourself! feel and experience things like a children once did.

    Man I went on a tangent here but the point is don’t forget what you are capable of and think always what if? what else can I do? What else am I capable of? Is this it?
    think rationally and not so much emotionally break from the loops of life. i.e don’t let your other habitual you react to things. Step back and think those questions always to always have the best possible available option at your reach

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