What is YOUR go 2 McDonald’s Order?

What is YOUR go 2 McDonald’s Order?

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  1. Large chips and a small coke.

    Macca’s burgers make me sick.

    Now, Hungry Jack’s on the other hand… it used to be the Aussie (😔) now I just go for the large Whopper meal with coke

  2. Double quarter pounder extra cheese, ridiculously good.

    Once bought this on the way home from work, got called back, left it on the kitchen bench not knowing I wouldn’t get home til 3 days later.

    Still smashed it, no ill-effects no regrets.

  3. I stopped going to McDonald’s when they got rid of their higher quality burgers a couple years ago back to standard menu only. The creation of that menu marked my first McDonald’s visit since childhood

    Why would I go there? Wendy’s exists

  4. 40 nuggets. Only that many because Doordash minimum order for free delivery is $12. I don’t eat them all in one sitting of course. Fully regret it the next day but its so worth at 1am

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