What is your go to thing to help you sleep?

What is your go to thing to help you sleep?

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  1. playing on my phone until it’s 4 am and i need to be up at 8 am so i get a good solid 4 hours of sleep because i was worrying myself that i would be late or sleep in

  2. A round plushie that is not too big or too small to hug + a sleep eye mask to make my face feel snug (mostly to block out the morning sunlight xD)

  3. I do my core strengthening pt exercises separately from others and before bed to trigger sleepiness. Smoke a joint

    For bed itself, I have a blackout sleep mask and wear a headband that has earbuds that I play forensic focused true crime docs from the early 2000s at an almost discernible volume. I use a weighted blanket, and hug an oversized dinosaur stuffed animal.

    I sleep soundly

  4. I write a story in my head. And not like just thinking about it – I imagine I’m physically writing it, all the grammar, tweaking the sentences as I go so it’s the best version.

    Rarely “write” more than a few sentences before I’ve dropped off

  5. Bought a good quality bed.

    This changed my life. I started looking forward to going to bed and didn’t wake up during the night. I actually like sleeping now and look forward to it instead of seeing it as an inconvenient chore. It’s enjoyable now.

  6. Since I get tired easily I don’t have trouble with sleep but just for timepass I would close my eyes and start thinking about things and create my own world and just fall asleep.

  7. I’ve always been a little bit embarrassed about this, but Minecraft videos. I have anxiety issues and PTSD and they always help calm down the Bad Thoughts™

    (Also getting cuddles from my kitty and olanzopine, can’t forget those)

  8. I daydream until I start to nightdream.

    I lay down in bed, and start imagining minor superpower scenarios. For example, what would happen if I could magically guess 4 out of 7 lotto numbers. It’s not enough money to retire, but it’s enough to help with cost of living. I spin my imagination to think about the implications. I imagine how conversations would go with the local shop when I’m coming in every friday to collect money from my winnings. I start to think about how I could potentially game the system by buying multiple tickets, and use my knowledge that each one has 4 correct numbers to guess the remaining 3 numbers. I think about how I could help my family or tip waiting staff with lotto tickets which are a guaranteed winner. I wonder how people’s lived be improved or made worse if I accidentally give them a ticket which has 4 guaranteed numbers, but the other 3 randomly end up correct too.

    And I just keep letting my mind wonder through the various rabbit holes until I fall asleep. It never takes me more than 5-10 minutes to fall asleep. I can feel when it starts working because all my muscles suddenly relax. My breathing deepens. My hearing goes muted like I’m on an airplane that’s suddenly dipped in altitude. I get super comfortable and my body refuses to move.

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