What is your honest opinion about Ben Shapiro, and why do you think so?

What is your honest opinion about Ben Shapiro, and why do you think so?

What do you think?

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  1. I listen to him to get a perspective of “the other side” in politics. I respect his opinions and I think he does a good job presenting them. I do however, think he can be a pompous jerk a lot of the time.

  2. Let’s just say, hypothetically, that I also talk very fast with a higher pitched voice. And for the sake of argument use words to make it seem like everything is a debate. Let’s say, some time in the future, I go and try to bother random college students that are unprepared to argue with me. Would I also get my own conservative talk show?

  3. I’m like the opposite of him politically, and while I don’t hate him, I do think it’s lame and intellectually lazy that his MO is “debating” with students half his age.

  4. A friend of mine got into this libertarian staff… And now he is as unbearable as a Hardcore nationalist.

    Like they’re the bearers of truth, opressed by an unfair evil… and if they ruled the world would be all candy colorful and Orange Juice coming out of the fountains.

  5. He tries to act smart, but in reality, he isn’t actually good at explaining his points and wears out his opponents instead of trying to make slow speech with understanding tones.

  6. He relies on facts rather than emotion to form most opinions. He’s a very articulate guy and I like him for the most part. I wouldn’t want to face him in a debate.

  7. I absolutely love him! I dont give a shit what he talks about there are millions of people with the same opinions and millions of people with the opposite opinions, so I reeeeally dont give a shit about his political stuff, BUT he is the most funniest human that exists! I almost pissed myself laughing at his goofy little gun show thing with his dorky “uM aCtuAlLy” voice. He says the most outlandish stuff that has me on the floor laughing half the time. How could I not love someone who brings me such joy, and I am being completely genuine like I hope Ben lives a long amazing life since he is just such a lovable dude.

  8. Apart from being a pompous buffoon, he’s not especially intelligent, which makes his popularity as an intellectual icon of the right feel much much weirder.

    Jordan Peterson, for as much as he’s also a pompous buffoon, at least comes off with some fragment of academic legitimacy as he’s presenting his dog whistles and anti-semitic nonsense.

    But both of them are just opportunistically stoking the fires of a perceived “culture war” to a demographic whose greatest oppression is that society holds them accountable for being assholes. Something Shapiro literally calls “bullying,” because he’s presumably only ever been on the giving end of bullying.

    His ilk profit off making millions of people angrier and more scared of a political agenda of long-term goals including “respecting the disenfranchised, making voting easier, and raising wages.” If he vanished tomorrow, society would be better off for it.

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