What is your most fucked up fantasy?

What is your most fucked up fantasy?

What do you think?

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  1. Having a threesome with two hot doctors I work with. We’re all happily married with children. My head just goes places. I’d wanna roleplay like a patient of theirs coming to them for some problem down there.. because they’re urologists. And yeah your head can imagine the rest of that porn.

  2. I would like to have a pretend daughter. I’m not talking about being called daddy during sexy time. That’s happened plenty of times. I was even in a DDLG relationship. I’m talking like making her eat her vegetables, tuck her in at night, etc. …And also have sex. I don’t want someone to act like a little girl. I want someone to act like my daughter.

  3. That the US does something meaningful about mass shootings and global warming.

    But I’m probably more likely to have my wife bring Angela White over for a threesome.

  4. Having a cat girl girlfriend with collar and leash, eating out of a bowl, not able to speak, sleeping in a cage at night or when I’m at work. Also having a pet sitter look after her while I’m away, and the pet sitter regularly using her sexually, with no way for her to communicate it to me.

    Pretty fucked up, but my partner is also into the same ideas and same kinks as me so it works out 🙂 We do use safe words for any worried people out there~ maybe one day it won’t be fantasy…

  5. When I was in high school it was thwarting an active shooter situation and saving the day. This was not long after Columbine so it was one of those things that was (or at least felt like it was) very new in our society, school shootings. Not that they’d never happened before, they definitely had but after that tragedy, it felt like the world changed and the thought of an armed threat in your school suddenly wasn’t so far fetched.

  6. I live in a fairly big city, so whenever I’m at a cross walk, I always try to take whoever is on my side of the street, and make an educated guess to see if we would be able to beat the group waiting on the other side the street in a fight.

  7. A world where Redidit readers no longer feel their personal political opinions, intellect and experiences are far superior to everyone else’s.

  8. not really fucked up more just kinda sad.
    i’ve been struggling with body dysmorphia, gender identity, a lot. i can barely look at myself in a mirror without feeling like shit. at this point, i’ve come to the conclusion that i would rather be an entity that has no form, no body, that just floats in the void. no worries, no cares, no appearance.

  9. This is my thoughts and I would never do them!!!

    Probably go around just killing everything I see and I mean everything and not care what happens plus just do a lot of people along the way before or after killing them… And just let all my rage and anger out at once just so people know I hate always being the “nice and quiet person”

    My fantasy so hey screw off if you don’t know what I’m going through

    Fyi: I’m not a necrophiliac, I don’t have anger issues just a built up inside me, I would never do this or commit a crime, yes I am very horny to have my way with someone, and yes I’m a virgin

  10. When I was younger (like middle school) I wanted to do…stuff…with my friend’s sisters (younger than me). Not like I was 13 and they were 5 or anything weird like that, but we were all kids so it would have been very disturbing. They are adults now and I’d still do it, both of them together

  11. Fucking a girl and using soft foods like whip cream, honey, syrup, or butter as lube

    Also sexting a girl and watching her play with food 😍

    I’ve met a couple girls like that and everytime it’s the hottest thing ever

  12. I thought of having the power of downvoting one post for a million times, so the user will finally embrace the negative karma and become my loyal subject.

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