What is your “my house is haunted” story?

What is your “my house is haunted” story?

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  1. Moved into a new apartment about a year ago, and shortly thereafter, I heard kids stomping around on the floor above. “Oh great,” I thought, “noisy upstairs neighbors.”

    And then it hit me: I don’t HAVE upstairs neighbors. Or downstairs neighbors. The whole joint is mine from ground to roof. Some friends suggested that maybe I have raccoons or other critters in the attic, but I’ve had those before, they don’t sound anything like that…and a week or two later, the “raccoons in the attic” were vacuuming the carpets.

    Must be g-g-g-ghosts!

    Actually, what it is is some bizarre architectural quirk that makes stomping around on the floors *next door* propagate horizontally and sound like they’re coming from over my head. Been living in apartments since 1978, have never experienced this kinda thing before.

  2. Found random crucifixes on door knobs. We aren’t Catholic. One morning, my sister woke up and everything that was in the attic was in her bedroom. She had attic access in her bedroom. Mom was shocked, sister was lazy, dad was out of the country. I didn’t do. Explain that.

  3. when i was younger i set up the camera on my psp to spy on my brother, later on i wateched the video just to see the office chair spinning around on its own, wish i was joking

  4. This story could confirm my house has ghosts or it’s just my eyes and me tripping. So you know when your tired at night watching on your phone and you close your eyes for a second and wake up an hour later or something and realize you fell asleep that happens to me but when I wake up I see white glowing figures in my room and when I turn my phones flashlight on they’re gone. I saw the same thing many years ago at the Indian version of church and me and my brother looked into a door and it had a window in the middle of it and we tried to see if the door was unlocked and it wasn’t and we look thru the window and saw a white glowing figure and now I see more of those figures in my room.

  5. Rented a 2 story house with a basement a few years back. Every single morning at roughly 830 am, we would hear footsteps going down the stairs from the 2nd floor, down to the basement.

    Eventually, we found a hidden room in the basement, that the first time we entered it, my wifes phone went into super static over loud speaker mode for no apparent reason, then stopped. When I got married, I had a friend come over the night before and we smoked some spice.(synthetic weed, or so it was sold as. Turns out its much worse, and im very glad it didnt kill me.) He told me about a ghost in the house that was following him around and telling him to leave, left physical scratch marks on him. Same night, we heard a knock on the 2nd floor balcony, and we went to investigate. We could both very clearly see a “corporeal” form, or a ghostly visage, though we couldnt make out any specifically human anything, other than it’s general human outline. Honestly, looking at it looked kinda like an almost invisible lightning globe thing you can get from spencers for 20 bucks, but that was literally walking around.

    Now, this isnt something that just I could see, or that just he could see. We could both see him, in the same place, at the same time. He asked us if he could come inside(I already know, majorly bad idea. We were high), and we said yes. We watched him come inside and sit down. We cut on a movie. We would routinely look at him, and then each other, both verifying that the other could very clearly see him, he was still there, and we were both seeing the same thing. To be clear, two very separate people were able to see and speak to the same ghostly being, at the same time. Again, we could both see him, and could watch him move around.

    I have heard of mass hallucinations before, and I cant help but feel like this could be that situation. We were high, after all. However, this was in a known haunted house, and two separate people were able to point out his exact location, completely separate of the other, at any point in time, and there was never any disagreement on where he was. I cant stress this enough, we BOTH thought we were going crazy and hallucinating at the time, and thus would each check the ghosts location with the other at random points in time, and at no point in time were either of us wrong. We were both very clearly able to see this thing, the entire time. He only left after we went to bed.

    Tl:dr Ghost footsteps every day, messed up electronics with no clear cause, ghost visually observed by multiple observers at the same time, for an extended period of time.

  6. just the other day I’m standing in my kitchen and the light is on in the basement, I’m looking in the general direction of the basement door and I see a shadow pass across the light that’s showing from under the door. I double take and sure enough the shadow passes again at this point I’m pretty freaked out and I grab my buck knife just in case there’s someone squatting and I need to protect myself, I open the door and there’s nothing visible that could’ve made the shadow. I go further downstairs and take a left, to the right is my boiler room, I check the closets that I have there for storing random crap as some of the stuff is on the floor, and out of the corner of my eye I see her, it’s my dead grandma come back to haunt me, she’s standing/floating in the boiler room doorway and I fucking sprint back up the stairs, I shut off the light and lock the door hoping I don’t have to deal with that shit ever again, I haven’t been down there since

  7. I have a couple but the worst two where when I slepted in the basement, one night I woke up at 3am with my cellphone light on and unlocked (2008blackberry). I looked up at the door entrance and saw a shadow figure looking at me with the bathroom light behind him. I thought it was my cousin but he later told me he wasn’t home that night. I look at my phone at it was a video with the negative effect doing what looked like sit ups. I deleted the video and went to sleep. The worst was about 6 months later when I finally slept next to my parents room because of the many ghostly encounters. I was laying in bed unable to sleep so I look out the window and a shadow from behind my dresser runs out my room. Annoyed I turn to fave the wall. Then I saw Medusa type hair creeping up from my bedroom wall, once it got to the top of the things forehead I turned back around and tried to go back to sleep. My older brother and his friends saw the worst. They would mention years later about the cute little cow statues we had in our room would move around at night.

  8. We knew a guy named Mr. Weltzheimer had died in our house, and when anything weird would happen—things falling off shelves or foreign coins appearing on the stairs—we’d joke it was him. One day my mom and a neighbor were replacing the toilet in our bathroom, and were busily working away upstairs when my mom heard the door open and close and a deep, booming voice say “I’m home.” She thought it was me (at the time, a teenage girl) joking around. But it wasn’t. I was over at a friend’s house. When she came down to investigate, all she found were the locked front and back doors.

  9. Sometimes when I’m home alone I hear noises that I usually hear when someone is walking around in the house even though I’m the only reason in the house and then there was that one time when a figure I specifically placed on the left side of the table magically appeared on the left side of the table and ik for certain that I didn’t move it and that no one else moved it

  10. Growing up I used to live in a fairly large 2-story house. I’m pretty sure it was built in the early 1900s because when we moved in during the mid 90s my dad told me it was 100 years old at that point. It was a really cool house with a huge backyard, but there were some really creepy parts. The basement, of course, was dark, unfinished, and had 2 small rooms facing eachother. One of the rooms was creepy, it had these weird dividers on the floor made of ply wood, kind of how you would imagine stalls in a horse stable but on a much smaller scale.
    On the landing heading to the second floor was a big door about halfway up the wall that led to an attic space. The door wasn’t attached in any way it was just leaned up against the jamb. This attic was creepy, because on the walls were newspaper clippings of people with their eyes scratched out. Like that is some super cliché horror movie thing but seeing it in real life was spooky.

    There were always a lot of weird noises in that house, it was old so it’s to be expected. We would hear creaks and knocks, sometimes the occasional bang, but we would rarely see anything really strange. It didn’t seem like a haunted house at all, that is until one day my younger brother and my cousin were playing with a webcam, making a video on windows movie maker. In the video my brother starts adjusting the camera, and as soon as he moves his hand away you can very clearly see *something* moving behind them, which quickly ducks behind them and disappears. My brother didn’t notice but my cousin did, he quickly turned around to check, but didn’t see anything.

    We watched that video over and over, and I eventually noticed that you can see whatever it is actually materialize while my brother is moving the camera around. Whatever it was it looked kind of like the head of a bat, but about the size of a fist.

    I’ve seen and heard a lot of weird things aside from that, but that was the only real experience from that creepy-ass house.

  11. I’ve lived in this house for nearly 20 years before anything happened. One night, I woke up and felt a male presence. I looked and saw a tall shadow figure in the corner of my room. This happened a couple more times before I told my mom who said, “yeah, there’s spirits in their house but their good spirits”.

    About 4 months go by and it wasn’t happening as much anymore. One night I woke up to this figure leaning over my bed in my face. I freaked out and jumped up, screaming but nothing came out. It was straight up those scenes in the movies where people wake up right before they get stabbed.

  12. Okay I was in my bedroom at my desk on Zoom for school, and I always keep the door closed so there arent any distractions. My room has a lot of empty space, especially at the entrance. And my desk chair faces the window so I can’t see the rest of my room while at my desk.

    Well one day I’m on Zoom for my English class and I hear my door stopper go off. You know those spring door stoppers on the bottom of the wall behind doors? I turn around and this thing is flicking back and forth, full speed and everything, and mine is pretty stiff too. My door never opened and there was no one else in the room with me. I was scared to do my classes in my room for a whole month but it never happened again.

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