What is your opinion of Chik-fil-A?

What is your opinion of Chik-fil-A?

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  1. I just can’t get behind their stances as a company and I typically avoid the food because of the line that wraps around the building. Makes me wonder, can Cancel culture cancel A Chicken Sandwich? It’s a damn good anti gay chicken sandwich.

  2. There’s one in the food court at my local mall. It makes it a pain to find a seat on the rare occasion where I eat there, since the line goes into the aisle of the tables.

  3. Out of all the fast food places, it’s definitely my go-to. I understand that the company hasn’t played their cards right with a decent chunk of the population, but you don’t have to buy their food. Just like you don’t have to read this comment. They don’t care, they’ll make profit off of other people.

  4. They are a well run company and they hire lots of good kids. They make me feel like family when I go there and I enjoy the food at least 1 time every other week.

  5. It’s okay. I don’t really crave it and I’m not the biggest fan of waffle fries.
    Every time I eat it my stomachs gonna hurt but the Oreo milkshake is really good

  6. I found it to be a bit overrated. It’s not bad, but people talk about their chicken sandwiches as if they’re substantially better than the chicken sandwiches that every other fast food and casual restaurant sells, but I don’t find them to be that different or superior than those I’ve had elsewhere.

  7. Leadership of the company is very conservative and bigoted in many regards. Haven’t intentionally eaten their food in over a decade. (Accidentally ate some nuggets at a memorial service a few years ago.)

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