What is your opinion of self checkout?

What is your opinion of self checkout?

What do you think?

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  1. I prefer it mostly, but it would be better if it worked properly – half the time you’re there waiting on staff to fix something when it starts beeping.

  2. Helps sometimes. But, sometimes, I feel I have too many to hold up a self-checkout so, I go through a cashier. Those people with 273 items in a self-checkout annoy them hell outta me.

  3. As a former cashier and self checkout attendant, most of the issues are due to people trying to go too fast and being impatient. It helps us get 10 times as many customers out of the store at the same time, it’s a life saver for stores when there’s only one cashier

  4. Necessary for people on the go getting a few things. If you’re using self check out with a full cart, you’re a piece of shit or its obvious you’re stealing stuff which i guess goes back to being a piece of shit

  5. Proven to be slower than the average cashier. Only good for the stores to save on wages and sick leave. If they were actually faster, I wouldn’t mind. They reduced the number of cashier to make it seem like going at the self checkout is faster than waiting in line, which sometimes it is, but it’s because of the reduced staff. I’m all for technological improvement for the customer, but it’s not.

  6. I’ve stood in line waiting wornan operator checkout. You know the meme, I don’t work here? That.

    “”I don’t work here, call some.mote staff please.”

    Large trolley full.

  7. I prefer self check out for when I’m only getting a handful of items but I loathe the attendant watching like a hawk as if everyone there is waiting to pocket something. I realize they’re there to watch and help but please leave me the fuck alone unless I ask for help. If it takes me fifteen seconds to figure out how to weigh my cauliflower then let me be.

  8. Every time I use it, it always errors out and needs to wait for an attendant to come and reset it

    Rather just avoid eye contact and say ‘hi, paper, credit’ to the actual cashiers

  9. Thousands of people touching those machines, who knows what nastiness is on their hands. Not to mention the coughers and sneezers…
    And of course less people have jobs. Maybe they should hire people to clean the machines between customers.

  10. I hate it. I went before thanksgiving and there was one person at self checkout and so many people were buying alcohol so you had to keep waiting on her to be done to help the next person and then the next.

    Then you’ll have an older person not knowing what to do. Some don’t take cash or give cash back. Don’t get me started on the unexpected item in the bagging area.

  11. I would love it if I was single or a couple, but now that I’m a sahm of 3 kids and purchase a week’s worth of groceries at once, it’s ridiculous and I hate it. I buy too much at once not to make it feel like a huge hassle.

  12. Love them. Quick and convenient. No waiting in line, no having to talk to a single person. I can scan 2-3x faster than a regular cashier. We have to bag our own stuff even if a cashier scans it anyway where I am, so I may as well just do the scanning too.

  13. I love it. I don’t want to talk to anyone most of the time when I’m shopping and would prefer to skip the chit chat with a cashier. Literally only go through regular checkout if I have an item that isn’t allowed through self checkout.

  14. If I can’t steal at least one item I won’t use it. I also refuse to stop for the person looking at receipts. If you don’t trust me open up more manned check outs.

  15. I prefer the human cashier. All of the self checkout machines that I have used so far have atrocious user interfaces that are inconsistent and non-intuitive. If the store would give me a discount, then maybe it would be worth my time to learn all of the glitches and the work-arounds.

  16. I waited for someone to check my groceries, no one came, so I left with my groceries.

    The point is, I didn’t clock out from work, just to work more on my way home from work.

    In addition to this, you’re removing a ton of entry level positions from the job market.

  17. could be applicable if you were extremely suffering physically, else I’d tend against it, since I don’t care either way, I could as well live, is my stance.

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