What is your opinion on “hot singles” in your area?

What is your opinion on “hot singles” in your area?

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  1. Bad. Don’t like.

    I saw a thing that said 6,000 of them were waiting to meet me tonight.

    Six-fucking-thousand. I don’t have that kind of stamina. With the best will in the world it simply isn’t happening.

    And they didn’t just exist, they were waiting to meet me tonight, I don’t who the fuck set this up for me but these were plans I just couldn’t keep.

    I had to pay to sign up to this fucking website just to spend all day messaging a bunch of strangers to cancel the plans.

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  2. Here in NM – thirsty but also antisocial towards each other. Also, is sugar fever a thing?

    Central Wisconsin – good chance you’re really married with kids, an indecisive 18-20 year old looking for ass or to get pegged or you’re on meth.

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