What is your opinion on nudity in movies?

What is your opinion on nudity in movies?

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  1. Doesn’t matter if they’re nude or not. All I can think of is an actress telling her parents “I got into a movie! But I play an extra that’s naked in the background…”

  2. I think nudity in public should be legal so I don’t really worry about nudity in movies.

    My kids shoot characters on a video game in ever-increasing realism. Why would I care about a set of boobs, a vag, or a penis on the screen?

  3. For it. There needs to be more non-sexual nudity in main stream movies. As long as it doesn’t take away from the story line and nudists and naturists aren’t ostracized for their lifestyle, let’s make nudity not taboo.

  4. As long as it doesn’t change the rating of the movie I’m fine with it. This is the same as blood and gore. It’s just there. BUT if it takes up 10 or 15 minutes away from the actual movie then it become a problem.

  5. The story of the movie should always come first. If it either enhances the plot somehow, or is done in a clever way, than I don’t see why it shouldn’t happen. But just like how I feel about romantic subplots, as long as it’s not forced.

  6. If it’s relevant to the plot, I’m all for it. I hate gratuitous nudity and sex in movies. If I wanted porn I’d watch porn, It’s that simple.

  7. It needs to be treated as it would be in universe, or not used at all.

    No fully exposed men, but women have shreds of clothes.

    No bedspreads covering one person and not the other.

    No science tank that you have to be naked to get in, but had a convenient metal bar over the bits.

    If you want nudity, then show nudity. If you want to censor it to keep your movie content rating down, then don’t include it at all.

    Half arsed (no pun intended) attempts to obviously censor it, break immersion and look stupid. Especially when done as a double standard.

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