What is your PLAN B if nobody marries you?

What is your PLAN B if nobody marries you?

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  1. Plan A was to be a happy free successful single lady who does whatever I want whenever I want, and travels the world on a whim. Then I met my husband and activated plan Z by getting married and buying a house instead.

    I still dream of plan A and going on a 3 months volunteering trip in a wildlife reserve in South East Asia or something…

  2. Lol me and my partner i don’t think will ever get married….we’ve been together 5 year and have 2 kids. Some how ill live of no one marries me, its just a peice of paper.

  3. Plan A was not to get married, and live in a small castle with a bunch of cats.

    Plan B is still not getting married, but living in a house, with a bunch of cats.

    Plan C is still not getting married, but living in a small house/apartment with one or two cats.

    Plan D is still not getting married.

  4. Hmm.. i dont really care about marriage so…

    I would probably earn a moderate sum of money every month and spend it on myself and my friends.. that is if i have some then…

  5. So, you got to make the pros and cons list. And you don’t have to be looking or searching. Sometimes they are right next to you but you can’t see it…
    If you can’t find love, find someone who loves you. That’s the plan B.

  6. Well, I never planned to marry anyone ever anyway. But my plan B if I won’t find a soulmate is to live alone in misery and die in pain.

  7. I can’t get married in this trash country anyway unless the current government dies in a fire and is replaced by some sensible leftists.

  8. Being alone and not getting a relationship is actually my plan A. I work and build my life for myself. I make sure i am financially independent and i make sure i am happy alone. If I happen to find someone to add to my life, that’s a bonus.

  9. Marriage is not something that is expected or a natural progression of a relationship, at least in the US. But to answer the question, be smart enough not to get married?

  10. In no way is it my plan to get married. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to it, but I don”t want my future plans to make me depend on a person I’ve possibly not even met yet. I know what I want to do for *me*.

    That’s the beauty of meeting people, though. They can have an impact on you. And the beauty of plans; they can be altered.

  11. My unmarried plan is to be the rich aunt and spoil my nephew, travel a lot, and dedicating rooms in my home to be a library. Books everywhere

  12. Ignoring the fact that the wording of this seems to indicate it’s from a woman’s perspective, I suppose I would cry into my piles of money for a minute and then continue to enjoy buying expensive toys like guns, watches, and aftermarket upgrades to my truck.

    But it’s way more likely that I don’t find someone who I want to marry than that nobody wants to marry me, since three women I’ve dated already decided they wanted to marry me, and the last one is still up my ass trying to get me to take her back after she dumped me.

  13. Travel around the wolrd. Continue to work hard for my dreams. Buy a really nice flat and volunteer in organizations. A lot of people could benefit from me until I die.

  14. I will continue to be the guy that hosts my social group’s parties, and I’ll continue to have a fridge with a shelf for liquors, and a drawer for beers.

  15. Travel, live by myself, hang out with friends and then hopefully adopt a kid on my own if I have the resources.

    I used to be terrified of the idea that I may never find anybody or that nobody would want to marry me, but I’ve kind of allowed myself to let go of that fear in recent years. Sure, it would make me a little sad if I never got married because it is something that i want, but ultimately it’s not going to ruin my life to not get married. I can still do everything I want and have a fulfilling life and I would be okay without it.

  16. I don’t know man, I intend to be in a polygamous relationship in future so plan B would be to propose to somebody else’s daughter
    If somebody else’s daughter refuses to be somebody else’s sister wife ya feel me

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