What is your scariest “call of the void” moment?

What is your scariest “call of the void” moment?

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  1. Every day of the last week that I lived with my ex-wife. I was suicidal, she knew it, and would ask me everyday why hadn’t I done it yet.

  2. I climbed a cliff once and the fell!

    I reached out and by reflex, somehow grabbed reedy grass that held.

    To this day I don’t know how I survived that fall.

  3. when I’m holding a knife I think about how with just one movement I could end someone’s life…. and I’ve been at the station and realized I could actually just throw myself in front of the train and what’s stopping me from it (I’m in no way suicidal or a sociopath I promise)

  4. I imagine how the barrel of a shotgun would feel in my eye socket. And if I owned a shotgun I would try it out. I do not plan to buy a shotgun.

  5. Mine is especially scary and it actually worries me a little bit.

    When driving down a narrow 2 lane highway, and seeing a big truck coming at me in the other direction, I occasionally picture the scene if I drifted in front of them.

  6. Was walking back to my dorm room one night and had a very strong urge to walk in front of an oncoming truck. Almost did too, took a few steps out into the road but I came to my senses and backed down.

  7. I once played chicken while driving. Lady drove into my lane coming from the other direction. Didn’t care. Kept going and at the last few seconds she got back into her lane.

  8. Was sitting in the woods about 2 weeks ago ground pig hunting and a sensually hallucinated shooting myself in the temple with my 1911. Was the first time in a long time I was at peace with myself and my head decided I was going to stay in that moment. Been a little off for a while now after.

  9. Well, it hasn’t happened to me that you’re on a transport and you hear a “turn around”, but when I sleep, I hear whispers or someone whispering in my ear (it’s not constant) and I’m the only one who sleeps in my room, so I’m alone.

  10. Took a trip with my HS to Europe for 10 days, was in Switzerland the last night and went up to the roof of the hotel and just felt like walking off because I didn’t want to go home.

    Mainly because of how beautiful it was there and knowing there was nothing at home friend wise besides the person who raped me

  11. Train stations I often dissociate and feel being drawn to jump onto the tracks which scares the hell out of me.

    I also have the impulse to hold knives to my eyes, so close and think how easy it would be to push a little further

    And also then I have a major impulse to open car doors on the highway which would *not* be a good idea

  12. Had a shotgun in my hand, out shooting nothing, thought I could end mine and anybody else’s life at that moment. Stomach dropped, went home… haven’t gone out shooting since, and I don’t plan to.

  13. Some undefined 500-2000 feet up in a hot air balloon. Staring straight down. I attribute this field trip when I was in the like 5th or 6th grade to my being an adrenaline junkie.

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