What is your scariest paranormal experience?

What is your scariest paranormal experience?

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  1. Stayed in an Airbnb in Prenzlauerberg, Berlin. I couldn’t decide if the place was decorated to imitate 1970s East German style or whether it just hadn’t been decorated in 40 years, I suspected the latter. On the first night me and my friends all heard footsteps in the night walking across the apartment. Then the following night we were having drinks in the kitchen and a lamp was knocked off its table by some invisible force. Shortly afterwards we heard three distinct loud knocks at the apartment door. Being the only male I rushed to answer it (thinking it could be the landlord or something) but there was nobody there. When we checked the Trip Advisor Reviews several other guests had also reported similar spooky goings on!

  2. It was around 5 in the morning and it was two days before my moving day. I was hungry and I had decided to go downstairs for something to eat. When I reached the bottom of the staircase, I heard a girl humming some song. I didn’t know if I was hearing things if I was tired, but I was definitely freaked out. I was looking in between the piles of boxes if there was someone hiding in between them, but there was nobody.

    1 night before moving day, I headed back downstairs and heard the same girl humming, this time it was a different tune. I was so scared. I guess this was her way of saying goodbye to me forever.

  3. This happened when I was just starting middle school in Texas, but my mom, grandmother, and myself all lived in a two bed room apartment that was fairly new. However after about a year of living there, I noticed that the faucets would turn on by themselves whenever I was alone, and that there was always something in the corner of my eye. I thought I was being paranoid but then my mother brought a Buddhist priest into out rom and had us do some for of ritual. Now I am by no means religious, and I consider myself to be agnostic, but I went along with it because my mother and the priest were very insistent that i sit for prayer, and that I keep a specific bracelet made of embroidery thread and beads on me at all times. Afterwards the movement in the corner of my eye and the magical self turning faucets stopped happening.

    Fast forward to around sophomore year of high school, me and my family had recently moved out of our apartment and into a new house that my mom had just bought. While we were settling in and having dinner after a long day of moving and unpacking, I finally asked my mom what was the priest doing at the apartment so long ago (reason why I didn’t ask till them was because my mom is buddhist, and its not uncommon for her to do things related to the religion), she then proceeds to tell me that she called the priest there to bless us and the apartment cause apparently a neighbor that was living next to us had died of a heart attack, and their body was only discovered a few days later. The day the body was found was the day the priest was brought to my old apartment (strange things were happening for a bout a week), and apparently in private, the priest told my mom that we all almost died due to the malicious spirit that was looming over our specific floor, as the neighbor across from us also had some strange things going on to with things being misplaced, faucets turning on by themselves, and the movement of a figure in the corner of her eye.

    Apparently my mother was experiencing more than just the faucet turning on by itself and moving shadows. According to her, she was prompted to call the priest because she kept seeing a person always watching me in my sleep (for context i shared a room with her and had top bunk). One instance of her seeing the ghost was around four days before the priest was called, and apparently she heard shifting and talking above her and assumed I was still awake and not asleep on a school night. She drew back the curtains that provided privacy for me, and saw that I was knocked out in dreamland. Obviously she was confused, but decided to go back to her bunk, but then saw a pair of feet at my stair case. She immediately skeerted to the stairs leading up to my bunk only to find no one there, and me still sleeping peacefully. The next night, the same thing happened, only she didn’t here any sounds, nor were there mysterious feet on stairs, but that night when my mom was about to go to bed herself, she saw someone staring at her through the gap between the beds and stairs to see a ghostly figure of someone in a white hospital gown and very ashen looking skin with long black hair peaking into my bunk. She couldn’t get a good look at it as it immediately ran away and disappeared through the door. Apparently that was the final straw for her and the priest was called to bless the house and offer protective charms for us, and she didn’t tell me because it would have scared me and would make me want to move out (we were fairly poor, so there wasn’t anywhere we could move to).

    Needless to say, I can now never see those apartment complexes the same again, and anytime I drive down the road where they reside, I always shudder at the thought of what would have happened to us if the priest wasn’t called. I don’t know If this story is exaggerated or not, seeing as its coming from my mothers mouth, and because it happened a long time ago, but regardless, it was one of the scariest revelations to ever happen to me.

  4. I’ve had quite a few that are difficult to describe.

    One which didn’t seem very scary as I was experiencing it, but was one where I was probably close to death happened while I was asleep. All I remember was in a dream state, I started hearing a rhythmic pattern: three beats, pause, three more beats, pause, and so on. It progressively became louder, until I woke up gasping for air, and it was my own hand hitting me on the chest, as if trying to wake me up.

  5. When I lived in my previous house, I lived in a finished basement with a room that made you walk past the laundry room,

    almost every night when I would walk past the laundry room I would see a tall pale women in a long white dress and long black hair float by at the same speed I was walking and when I get to the end of the doorframe she would disappear into the wall

    Well once we started packing to move out my uncle came over to help with the move, we were clearing out the laundry room (bear with me here) I was standing inside the laundry room facing out, my uncle was outside the laundry room facing in.

    While we were packing I saw my uncle turn milk white, freeze while bending down, and lock his eyes on something behind me, I ask what’s wrong and he says he saw someone walk behind me and disappear into the wall.

    And without a beat I ask what they looked like, he proceeded to describe someone who looks EXACTLY like my description I made earlier in this post. At that second my mother comes downstairs and tells us we’re ready to leave,

    Since then another one of my uncles moved in and I’ve visited and I haven’t seen the “white lady” since. But the look on my uncles face will frighten me for the rest of my life.

  6. I once had a messy room filled with toys that somehow cleaned itself up. No begging, pleading or other threats were made to any of the children yet it still happened. It must have been ghosts.

  7. I have twice dreamed the future. Not anything useful, just these random moments that I would not have remembered if it wasn’t for the deja vu then the realization that I had dreamed of it before

  8. When I was 12, I was staying at my grandmothers house for the summer. They owned a small 20 acre ranch in Cortez Colorado. One morning she asked me if I wanted to go pick out some old horses with her. For some reason I said no, “totally out of the norm.” I stayed in her bed and watched tv. When I noticed something in the dark hallway about 30 minutes after she left. It looked like an angel but not really. Just really Smokey honestly from what I can remember. Then suddenly the phone rang right by me and it disappeared. I answered thinking it was my grandmother. It wasn’t. Some strange voice saying “Is this Willy?” No one besides family called me Willy. I replied “who’s this?” He replied “I just witnessed your grandmother get T-boned by a semi, she told me to come pick you up I’m on my way to bring you to the hospital.” I said “no that’s fine my neighbors will take me.” Turns out my neighbors were home and I ran over and I went to play with those kids a lot and the mom took me to the hospital and my mom drove 4 hours to get me. When I saw the photos of the car, the passenger seat was not even apart of the car anymore. To this day I feel like an angel made me stay home, or else I wouldn’t be on earth anymore. I didn’t believe in god till that moment. But now I definitely do.

  9. I was staying at a friend’s house, I had felt uneasy all day and when we went to sleep it happened. I was half asleep when I noticed a darkness on the ceiling stretching its way towards me, I was frozen in place and then the figure began to drip down at me. A litany of “no’s” ran through my head when suddenly the spirits of my Gran and my Uncle appeared next to the bed and the darkness withdrew.

  10. i once was awake at 3AM in my house and heard a huge knock on my door. it was such a hard knock that it shook my door. everyone was dead asleep, and my cat was with me. i stayed up until 4AM before i could feel somewhat comfortable to go to sleep again

  11. I was talking on the phone, alone in my bedroom when *something* smacked me upside the head.
    Now granted this was before I got my tourettes diagnosis, so it’s entirely possible that it was a bad tic that I had no context for- but no tic I’ve had since then has felt quite like an open palm slamming into the back of my head.

  12. This happened back in the early 2000s. I was driving down a street with some friends in the car, and we started passing this alley. I looked right just as we were 1/4 of the way through, and this garbage truck was barreling down the alley at us. There was no way we could make it in time, but I jammed my foot on the accelerator anyway. I remember the headlights were so close that they flooded the car. A moment latter and we were on the other side, and the truck flew past us. I have no idea how we were not hit. None of my friends understood what had just happened either. I can’t prove this, but we were going to get hit, and then it was like we teleported.

  13. I was at my farm 5 years ago and we had these gate that took two people to move back for the horses and in the dead on midnight I woke up and went to check on the horses and one of the gates was over the wall to the other empty stable and the wall was 5’8

  14. Just note, nothing in my room looks like what I’m about to describe to you, so don’t go after me saying it’s just a reflection. I had a guinea pig cage in the corner of my room, in case you’re 3 years old, the guinea pig cage was made out of glass and reflected stuff. One time, the night after my dad showed me Paranormal Activity, I saw a reflection of a mannequin in my room.

  15. I’ve been attacked by some kind of demon\vampire thing. I was wide awake, felt, and remember everything. No, it wasn’t sleep paralysis; I wasn’t asleep.

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