What is your take on gender reveal parties?

What is your take on gender reveal parties?

What do you think?


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  1. It’s a cake-worthy event but not a fireworks-worthy event.

    The gender of your child may be the most important thing to you, but no one else really gives a shit. But sure, I’ll have some free cake.

  2. It’s cool for the people that want to do them! For me personally, I’m a very private person I don’t like parties I don’t like sharing a lot of details on my personal life so I personally wouldn’t do it. I would just like me and my partner to know the gender and then eventually tell close friends and family. I don’t need a party for this

  3. I don’t mind the idea of having a party because there’s a baby on the way. Doing it for the gender is a bit weird tho. The most I’d ever do is a Facebook post and a blue/pink colored cake.

  4. I don’t see the point, but also don’t care what people do as long as it isn’t harmful.

    If a friend invites me to one, I’d go, as long as it’s something innocent like cake or balloons, but not a bomb that starts a fire.

    I like to let people do their own thing as long as it doesn’t cause harm.

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  5. It seems like certain people are drawn to the idea and I think it’s weird to celebrate one element of a baby rather than the baby themselves. Like isn’t the idea that a new person exists exciting enough??

  6. Unnecessary. Just a picture of the ultrasound and the gender is all that’s needed. No need to overdo it with fireworks, balloons, cakes and colored smoke.

  7. I guess you could argue that parents have more to do with a gender reveal in inviting different people and setup because usually somebody else close is going to be doing baby shower planning and it’s typically exclusive to different things and by gender and is gifts and stuff. It seems over the top if it’s separate events. If it’s combined, then whatever. The reveal part I don’t get because there’s no reason to do so and it’s like a party placeholder.

  8. My friends sent a pic to our group chat saying “IT HAS A PENIS!!!”

    Baby is due today Though!! Friend went to the hospital last night. Heard she’s trying to wait for her mom to get there. It’s a 5 hour flight

  9. Not really a thing in Europe…isn’t it enough to have one “I have a baby!” party with the gender reveal included? Although I’ve heard that many Americans have the two things separately to get twice as many presents since baby stuff is expensive…

  10. I don’t mind the simple reveal with a cake, it looks fun (and there’s cake). However I really hate people who just create bunch of trash (like balloons and confetti polluting the environment) and take million pictures and videos before they reveal the gender. On a lot of videos I’ve seen, it looks like they care more about preserving the gender reveal, than about actually learning the gender of their child.

  11. I don’t understand why it has to be such a giant ordeal.

    Baby showers are ok, free gifts, celebrating the upcoming new family member, time with loved ones.

    Gender reveals are an excuse for something to post online. Some things should just be a personal matter. It’s obnoxious. It’s equivalent to a coworker becoming pregnant and it is now her only identity and topic of discussion.

    What’s next, “Guess How Many Fetuses!!”, where people guess how many and a box opens and a certain amount of baby shaped balloons fly out?

  12. There are a million ways to do them safely. I don’t think there is anything wrong with creating a celebration out of something that every pregnant person gets asked about all the time. If you don’t want to do one, there’s nothing wrong with that, either.

    Fire should not be involved.

  13. I have 2 boys. Never felt the need to throw a party when I found out, but I don’t care if others do it. Seems weird to me, but as long as you’re not burning down a forest or polluting the environment, I’m okay with it.

  14. I think having an entire party dedicated to announcing what genitalia your soon to be child will have is fucking weird. Assuming you also plan on doing a seperate event for the baby shower.

    As a part of the baby shower, I still find it strange, but if done tastefully it’s whatever. As long as the parents are happy.

    I find tastefully done gender reveals are the simple ones: cutting cake/cupcakes to reveal pink or blue, popping a balloon with pink or blue confetti, or I saw one that was a cauldron and the cauldron turned pink or blue.

    Anything that causes borderline national disasters (a la the gender reveal that caused massive forest fires) or anything that heavily enforces harmful gender steretypes (ie. Guns or glitter or tractors or tutus) is gross and unnecessary.

  15. They get a lot of hate, which is understandable given how obnoxious some are, but I’ve been to a few where it’s just a cake and hanging out with friends. One was a bbq and the other one a chill brunch get together.

    Like most things in life, if you aren’t bothering other people, and not making a fool of yourself, go for it if you wanna.

  16. We have 4 kids, didn’t have a gender reveal party. Pre Facebook times. Plus, those parties were not done yet then.
    We have 7 grandchildren, didn’t have a gender reveal party for them either. Told people before the babyshower what the gender was so they knew which gender to give the gifts for.

    Sorry, just don’t see a need for another excuse for the adults to have a few drinks. We have plenty as it is, lol.

  17. Supremely weird.

    The gender of the baby is decided with the help of echo imaging, correct? And specifically the genitalia of the unborn child, correct?

    Do we really need to celebrate the genitalia of an unborn child?

    As much as it might be crass or downright offensive to boil it down to this, *it’s correct*, that’s what a gender reveal party is. And those who partake in them are supremely weird.

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