what is your unpopular oppinion?

what is your unpopular oppinion?

What do you think?


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  1. I think that a lot of human behavior of socially constructed and maintained, and does not actually form a logically consistent system, making a lot of ‘rational’ social or psychological analysis nonsense.

  2. The football /soccer World Cup in Qatar should be cancelled.

    Any country with a spine should prevent their team to compete. Those stadiums were built with the blood of 6000 migrant workers who died on the job. This shithole country treats women like cattle and jails LGBT people.

  3. All minors should be barred from social media, kids younger than 12 should probably be kept away from the internet completely, or at least parents should stop leaving them so much time unsupervised because its been an unmitigated mental health disaster.

    Been on the internet since I was seven, 25 years in total. Being raised on the internet was not ideal.

  4. As an asexual the LGBTQ+ community in America and Europe is just ideological attention seekers living in their own dream world. Its hard to find anyone there actually caring for what the movement originally stood for.

  5. A Dutch winter doesn’t exist. It’s a void of the worst possible elements meant as a torture device: constant drizzle, unbreakable clouds, fast-blowing winds and devoid of all green. Your thermometer may say it’s 5°C, it feels much worse than the time it was sunny and -5°C in NYC.

    The Netherlands is the worst country to be in “winter”, a winter that’s the ultimate form of fall.

  6. Runescape is far and away the worst of the mainstream MMOs that released around it. Everquest, Ultima Online, Anarchy Online, Dark Age of Cameolt, Asheron’s Call, all significantly better.

    It became popular because it was free, and ran in a browser, so millions of little kids jumped on, and experienced their first MMO.

  7. Something that I can’t stop thinking, especially over the last few years:

    Most people are, at heart, stupid, selfish, and irrational creatures who are just one charismatic leader away from fascism. We love to believe that the Nazis were ‘inhuman abberations’, but there are hundreds of people in every city in the world who, if given absolute power, would systematically persecute and abuse whole swathes of the population in a similar way.

  8. Marvel fans are acutely aware of how mainstream their fanbase is and bc the mcu has been running for so long, so many ppl feel like they have to hate on it bc other ppl hate on it. And they spend more time nitpicking small details or small things that “aREn’T cOmIC aCcURaTe” or how “tHEy rUInEd tHIs cHAraCtER”. When in reality, the mcu follows its own rules and does its own thing. The mcu also doesn’t mean you HAVE to watch everything they pump out to keep up with continuity. The Internet is still a thing. Just watch a breakdown video or look at synopsis. Ffs, it’s getting tiring and stale

  9. Cats are not cute.

    They are savage little bastards. Even though they get given food, for free and in abundance, they terrorise the local wildlife.

    No animal lover can really like a cat.

  10. Going by my down vote count, that regardless of your feelings on the monarchy or Prince Andrew in particular, heckling him at his mother’s multi Country funeral precession isn’t classy.

  11. LGBT makes no sense. It’s main defence is “let people be what they want to be” but like they hate on anyone who says no to lgbt cause idk and act like hypocrites. Idk. And the concept doesn’t sit right, and religious reasons but you know.

  12. Making kids in a world of falling resources and climate change is a selfish crime.

    Ps: if you downvote me, it’ll confirm that it is an unpopular opinion, so you better upvote if you disagree

  13. Windmills cause cancer.

    McDonald’s Fries are radioactive.

    TikTok is Chinese spyware thinly veiled as a social media platform.

    Being a prostitute is not a job.

  14. Fandom circles need to learn how to tell fact from fiction. “SHE’S A LITERAL CHILD!” No, she ain’t, Karen! She’s a drawing who’s likely voiced by a grown-ass woman. *She’s. Not. Real.* How about you put this much energy into the guys who’ve *actually* taken advantage of *real* child actors?!

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