What is your view on newborn circumcision?

What is your view on newborn circumcision?

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  1. Unnecessary unless medically necessary. If you’re too embarrassed to teach your kid how to clean his penis properly, you’re probably not mature enough to have a kid.

  2. An outdated practice that carries more risks than it professes to solve. I can’t understand why it isn’t viewed and criminalised by law as a form of genital mutilation, because it is by definition, mutilation.

  3. It is completely barbaric and absolutely medically unnecessary. I’ve no idea why it’s such a big thing in the US. There seems to be this idea that the foreskin is like the umbilical cord. The common excuse given for circumcision is hygiene. If you guys can’t keep yourselves clean down there without resorting to chopping off a healthy part of your body then you have some serious issues as a culture.

  4. I understand the arguments about taking the option away from the child. However, it is the best time to do it. I often hear from people that do it later during the teen years and don’t adapt well.

  5. I don’t see the point of it. I’ve even heard mothers rationalise it by saying they “wanted their sons to be like their Dad”. I’m from a European background so I’m uncircumcised and I feel sorry for guys who are circumcised, they are missing out on the sensual enjoyment that a foreskin brings. The argument that foreskins are somehow “unclean” is just bullshit – you are either a clean person or you aren’t. Some circumcised guys (and some women) don’t know how to clean that area and are more disgusting than an uncircumcised guy who knows how to pull the foreskin back and wash thoroughly (as most of us do).

  6. It is genital mutilation of a baby that is done long before they are old enough to decide for themselves whether they want the operation done and before they are old enough to understand its implications and properly consent to it. It always seems so messed up to me that millions of children (myself included when I was born) are subjected to what might be the worst pain imaginable right after they are born because of some superstitious BS and myths about hygeine. I genuinely wonder if such an event causes unconscious mental scarring and trauma even if there is no conscious memory of the event.

  7. Idk but for me they did it wrong. I got an intense flap when flaccid but it completely disappears identical to a circumcised and grows like 7 inches when erect. I got half-circumsized. Best of both worlds 🤷‍♀️?

    Edit: the flap creates oils that can have a smell idrfw even over a short amount of time, so im not fan😐

    Pretty impressive cock tho

  8. I’m really glad I got it done, that’s all I know. It was done before I even knew what hit me. Otherwise my one blow job a year would be zero blow jobs a year

  9. Don’t fucking dare. Its not your choice to make.
    If it’s a medical reason, sure,some can’t pull it back because if it being to tight.
    Ppl trying to justify it with religion and/or hygiene, I can’t trust them because they fucking don’t know how to properly clean themselves.

    Its not hard. Gently pull it back and wash yourself damn it. No reason to cut shit off.

  10. Its a no go the extra skin make the schlong thicker and will cut back on the sin slapping of the sin salami cause you can actually break the foreskin making little johnny wait till he can the one hand tango again

  11. Male circumcision brings only benefits. It eliminates almost all chance of penile cancer, reduces the likelihood of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, and does not affect sexual performance.

    People who equate male circumcision with some kind of infantile torture simply don’t know what they are talking about.

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