What is your weirdest family secret?

What is your weirdest family secret?

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  1. Maybe not weird, but ancestry the family tree site revealed some unknown half siblings and marriages that clearly had ‘a bit on the side.’

    Also discovered a distant relative of 9 years old at the time during the 18th century went to prison for a month for petty stealing.

  2. Well, I don’t know the secret, but our uncle immigrated to the United States in the early 80s and didn’t marry my aunt, his wife, until 1993. So, between the early 80s to early 90s, nobody in the family has the slightest clue what he was doing in Los Angeles at the time. If you ask him, his story changes every time from running around with the gangs, to having served in the military and deployed during the invasion of Grenada, to having been a corporate raider. Nobody knows.

  3. My aunt was an elected official in a neighboring city; I vaguely remember it, we’d be invited to a few dinners and ceremonies and what not. Then before long, she wasn’t in that role anymore. It wasn’t something I picked up on, the transition from working to home for her, as I was so young.

    Then, sometime later, my brother and I were rummaging through my parents’ stuff – old uniforms/family momentos, heirlooms, etc. – and we found a front page newspaper from years prior from our local paper with an unflattering photo of my aunt on it. Turns out, as she was moving up the ranks and running for higher offices (city council, mayor, supervisor, etc), the opposition did a better job discovering skeletons in the closet. During one election, it was discovered that she perpetrated years of abuse on her children (my cousins), and it was just then being made public. There were police interviews, descriptions of the physical abuse, statements by all my cousins and my uncle. One quote by her still stands out; in response to being asked if she’d ever thrown her kids against the wall, she responded “not hard enough to knock pictures off the wall”.

    This ended her political (and most other work) career from there on out. She and my uncle soon divorced, and she’s kind of a punchline in the family now.

    The sad reality that maybe remains a part of the unresolved drama, is that while everyone involved now admits that she was a witch, my uncle (whom I really do admire and enjoy) defended her in that breaking news. Call it being trapped in the marriage, call it denial, or self preservation…but when his kids finally cried out for help in a very public setting, he sided with their abuser all those years ago. Fortunately, his kids (now adults with kids of their own) have forgiven/forgotten about it, and he’s the favorite grandpa while his ex is still an unwelcome footnote in our family’s history.

  4. Whatever the fuck happened with my dad and his family.

    He had one cousin that was like an aunt to us, and his parents died before me and my sister were born. We grew up being told there was no family alive on his side.

    I’m in my 30s now and one time I brought it up to my mom (divorced for 20 years) that dad had no living relatives and she told me he absolutely does, they’re just not talking. She doesn’t know what happened, either.

    There’s a lot more in his ‘back story’ that doesn’t check out. Like he took a lot of pride in having refused an army draft, but putting some things together, I’m 90% sure he got rejected for mental illness and spent some time in an institution. He said he ‘was at a hospital instead’ but phrased it like he did nurse duty. He was definitly a patient.

  5. My great grand mother had a son with her husband, but then left him for another man, son in tow. We have no idea what the circumstances were and that was for sure unacceptable at the time. She eventually came back to my great grand father, he took her back and they had three more sons.

    The thing is that the first son is quite older than his siblings and he was old enough to remember that when he was “gone” with his mum, there had been a new baby girl. He assumes it’s the daughter of their mother and the other man.

    I have relatives who did some research but they never managed to find the trace of that lost daughter. It’s unfortunate because it happened in a region that wasn’t that populous, so it was plausible to be able to find her.

  6. This is not a very known family secret, but my mom heard a rumour that my grandma’s (dad’s side) dad is Chinese or something like that. I’m Filipino. Idk why my mom decided to tell me and my sister that and we could’ve went on our life not knowing that but looking back it kinda makes sense since I always get a comment or two growing up saying something about me looking Korean or Chinese and one of my nephew looks very Chinese.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that only me, my mom, and my sister are the only ones(who’s alive) who know this

  7. My parents would eat fried chicken while taking a shit.

    Id go over to their house and bucket of kfc full of bones on the bathroom counter beside the toilet.

    This occurred multiple times.

    Clearly they have found a level of bathroom based relaxation above shower beer.

  8. I’m not related to my parents . So my bio mom married my adopted dad 3 months before I was born . So his name is on my birth certificate. I have cut all contact with my bio mom , but my half brothers still go over there (dad has custody) I live with my dad and step mom .

  9. My ‘step brother’ is actually my half brother from an affair 8 years before my parents split up.

    Edit; Dad didn’t know she had his kid but reached out to my step mom after the divorce and we were raised as step siblings until a super drunken night when it all came out. Nobody else in the family knows.

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