What is your weirdest kink, and why does it embarrass you?

What is your weirdest kink, and why does it embarrass you?

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  1. Was in a cuckold relationship with a previous gf. I guess its embarrassing because I chose to accept her muscle fetish, and watch her get visibly turned on by her bull’s muscles, and end up in ‘threesomes’ that were mostly just me watching this muscleman dominate her and give her orgasms. I kinda knew the relationship wasn’t going to be a lifelong one, that she wasn’t going to be the woman I wanted to marry and have kids with, so my kinky curiosity to explore something a bit strange got the better of me.

  2. Oh shit yeah, the embarrassing part. So, I mentioned one time (as far as I can remember) that I liked a girl in school who had white knee high socks on. A ‘friend’ caught wind of this and proceeded to label it as a fetish – it isn’t as far as I’m aware, could be though – and from there I just bottled it up. He really hammered this home, at school and beyond.

    To this day, I love pictures of white lingerie clad women, it’s the best. I don’t know what it is but I’ve been so trained to not positively respond to it, I’m unsure what I would do if presented with what is one of my favorite turn ons.

  3. My weirdest kink embarrasses me because it’s very much impossible to act out in real life. And kinda gay. I already get skepticism about my straightness as-is, I DON’T need any concrete info getting out that might encourage doubt.

  4. A hot girl ripping off/pulling down my thong/g-string and an aggressively riding me on some stairs. I’m embarresed because I like to be submissive when guys typically aren’t.

  5. I love cumming in belly buttons, it’s really nice to see the cum in there. The last girl I was with wore a lot of crop tops and she once told me how she appreciates how I don’t stare at her tits like other guys (I stare at her belly button)

  6. The only thing that I get off from more than being affectionate and dominant toward cute men is being pinned down and dominated by a woman with a penis while having my arms tied and my self harm scars being licked while music plays in the background.

    I’m a egotistical, masculine, 6’2 African American male that originated from gangland Chicago with a reputation for being extremely sophisticated by some, and aggressive by others. Why do you think that it would embarrass me?

  7. My partner sucked my toes without warning and it’s now become my favorite foreplay activity. I would never admit this to anyone because toes are so taboo, but hot damn, is it sexy when he does it. I get turned on instantly and makes me feel so confident and comfortable in my own skin. It’s like he’s worshiping me. The fact that he’s never sucked another woman’s toes makes it 10000x better.

  8. So turned on by my wife’s ass I just want to be smothered by it… so she’ll sit and grind on my face while I’m tied down, and it drives me nuts. Never even came close to bringing it up with any previous relationships. But random internet strangers 🤷🏿‍♂️ Seems embarrassing to be a “sub” in my social circles.

  9. Conjoined twins.

    I first heard of animals with two heads when I was a kid and later heard that it could happen in people too, particularly from an old Life magazine I found in school. I guess I never outgrew the fascination, and instead, it became a fetish.

  10. This is a dying acct so fuck it

    Basically anyone being shitty to me turns me on. I have kinks that extend from that but that’s the root of all of it. Being treated like garbage is like 😍🤤🥰

  11. I’m not to embarrassed by mine but I love making a girl squirt I am embarrassed that I would love for one to squirt in my mouth or face but it hasn’t happend yet.

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