What isn’t torture but feels like it?

What isn’t torture but feels like it?

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  1. Probably child birth/long labor without pain medication, especially for first time mothers. You want to talk about agony? The baby literally rips it’s way out of you because your own muscles are forcing it to.

  2. The relentless, annually worsening, budgetary creep of your job.

    >Alright, but it can’t get worse than this.
    Well, it can’t get worse than **this**.
    At least there’s no way it can get worse than **THIS**.

    It can keep getting worse. I’m watching you on the “decoy” security cameras, in a white coat and a clipboard, just trying to find out how much you can take before you kill your boss.

  3. Church. I don’t know what’s worse, Easter service at a babtist establishment when you’re hungry and the pastor keeps revving himself back up or Catholic service.

  4. Dentistry. I got a root canal a few years back. While I was sitting in the chair I was thinking about how, even though I was numb, this guy had bored a hole up into one of my teeth and was pushing an instrument into it with such force that I needed to use a good portion of my strength to hold myself still. And I just hoped I wouldn’t feel any of that when he was done.

  5. Being in a city with no public bathrooms.

    Example: Was walking around Philadelphia with the wife once and ended up having to pay a random restaurant $5 so I could enter and use their bathroom to take a leak

  6. Pretty much any updated GUI.

    They made it as good as they could, on the first go around, but management wants an update, so the only option is to make it worse.

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