what issues with aging aren’t openly discussed?

what issues with aging aren’t openly discussed?

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  1. How early it really happens.. like sure 30 is still “young” but believe me many days it’s harder to get out of bed or a chair than it should be.. not to mention around 30 is when the crippling sneezes begin

  2. How society pretends like people past a certain age don’t exist anymore.

    TV shows are geared towards the 18-49 demographic. Advertisers mostly focus on young consumers. Finding a job past a certain age becomes much more difficult. Then people wonder why older generations get stuck in their ways…

  3. Having medical issue of your own and trying to take care of a spouse with his medical problems. Let’s not forget the more medical issues equals more meds which means more side effects and more interactions among those meds. Besides that there are those pharmacy bills.

  4. When you get to the point where you need to make room in your cupboards for the big plastic jar of Metamucil and keep a glass and spoon on hand for the next morning.
    Or make room for and keep up with other medications and older people needs.

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