What item is packaged horrifically?

What item is packaged horrifically?

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  1. Anything I buy online. Why did you need a box large enough for a goat to send me this turkey baster, only to fill it to the brim with plastic packaging to make it not rattle around? The baster is already in a box ffs just slap a shipping label on it

  2. Things that are packaged in unnecessary plastic. Why is it cheaper to buy a few bell peppers in plastic than to pick out a few without? Why would you put this in a plastic container when a paper, cardboard, or aluminum container would be better? It bothers me that we know that single use plastics are wasteful especially when there are relatively simple alternatives close at hand.

  3. Snall airplane parts. Like hydraulic fittings. Usually come wrapped in a mesh sleeve, then wrapped in bubble wrap, then a plastic bag, then a paper envelope. Package the size of a football for an item the size of a peanut. Its excessive.

  4. Many reptiles/amphibians/animals from most bad websites like UndergroundReptiles.com. They come either too cold or too hot, in usually tiny packaging where it’s very dark and the animals are very prone to motion sickness, and most importantly stress.

  5. Some of the packaging you receive from walmart or Amazon.

    Some of them are packaged so horrifically that or the product you bought, broke, or it comes damaged.

    This is from self experience.

  6. I once ordered a vibrator and the packaging was that thin cardboard shit that had gotten damp and conformed to the shape of the item, completely eliminating the request for discreet packaging.

  7. Those individually wrapped candies that come in the big bag like why can’t you just put the candy in the big bag without the little wrappers? It just makes a mess

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