What job has high stress, but low pay?

What job has high stress, but low pay?

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  1. Screaming it from the rooftops: **TEACHERS**.

    They buy a good chunk of their classroom needs out of their own pocket, are emotionally and mentally responsible for the learning and wellbeing of developing minds, care for the physical and emotional wellbeing of these children at home, and have now (at least in the US) become responsible for their physical wellbeing (at risk of murder) of their students within the school.

    You couldn’t pay me enough to do that job. I have incredible respect for anyone that does.

  2. Prison guard / JDC. I’m making more at walmart now than I did breaking up fights/preventing suicides at a group home. There was no breaks in our 14 hour shifts and God forbid someone gets pissed off and throws a chair out the window again. There we had to restrain people. Here all we have to do is run away.

  3. I’ve worked in finance, underwriting, sold cars through a dealer, sold them by myself through auction. I’ve worked insurance, been a banker, I’m even ASE certified and been a technician at a dealership.

    I can even do some manual labor..

    Teacher is still the hardest job I’ve ever had.. hands down, no job is as mentally draining, keeps me on my toes so much.
    I’m making about $38/hr as a new teacher and it feels like I’m getting severely underpaid for the work that I do.

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