What just screams “this movie is gonna suck”?

What just screams “this movie is gonna suck”?

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  1. The character in is too old for high school but goes to high school.

    I’m not talking about having an older actor play a high school student, I’m talking about the actual character is in high school but is like 21 or even 35 years of age.

    – Equestria Girls

    – The Emperor’s New School

    – Disney’s Hercules The Animated Series (He may be high school aged, but him being in high school is not logical in any way).

  2. “Live action remake”

    Overt wokeness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for representation and diversity, but there have been some movies which the writers clearly hope that having a black lesbian trans protagonist replaces a plot. Which is super shitty, diversity shouldn’t mean lazy writing. Movies like the new ghostbusters don’t help diversity, they hurt it because they end up being meaning bad writing

    Book adaptations with famous actors. Similar to above: writers hope/know a famous face + a famous story = $$$, and so the writing and adaptation tends to be awful

    Musicians/pro-wrestlers(how is this even a thing)/stand-up comics as actors. Talent isn’t just talent, it doesn’t transfer 9/10 times. Just as a particles physicist might not make a great stock investor (well, actuslly both contain a lot of stats and stochastic modeling but you get my point and lest face it after that second point it’s a miracle if you are reading still)

  3. The basic context cuz movies suck for some ppl and they are amazing to others so when you chose a movie or a series think of what you want to see or ask a friend or a sibling or whoever can give you a solid piece of advice on this

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