What kind of essentials would you absolutely keep for an apocalypse/doomsday?

What kind of essentials would you absolutely keep for an apocalypse/doomsday?

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  1. Rice and beans will give you all of your daily nutrients, vitamins and protein if supplemented every once in a while with some leafy greens or potatoes. If properly stored they can also have a shelf life of decades. Man’s gotta eat even if it’s the end of the world.

  2. Some kind of water filtration system.

    We take our clean water absolutely for granted. In any disaster situation…whether it be war, earthquakes, tornado, floods, etc….one of the first things you always see happening is intestinal diseases like cholera, dysentery, giardiasis and the like that you get from drinking contaminated water.

    And good luck surviving cholera without a health infrastructure or health professionals to rehydrate you while you shit your body water out in 24 hours.

  3. My setup would be:

    KAC SR-15, 14.5 inch barrel,
    Surefeed magazines,
    ELCAN 1-4 with a dot up top,
    KAC backup irons,
    BCM Stock and grip,
    KAC NT-4 suppressor (Tames muzzle flash, stealthier), and a
    Surefire M600U (For positive ID of targets).

    Sig Sauer P320 (M17 configuration), and a
    Surefire X300.

    MultiCam plate carrier and FAST helmet,
    Comtacs (Hearing protection),
    Oakley M Frames (Sunglasses, and also eyepro), and some ESS Goggles (Heavier eyepro).

    MultiCam/Brown clothing (Probably stuff from 5.11, ArcTeryx, First Spear, or Crye).

    Gloves (Mechanix FastFit, probably)

    Facial covering

    Mira Safety CM-8M Gas Mask (For those CBRN threats) with appropriate filters.

    Rucksack filled with survival items (Food, Water, Shelter, Toiletries, etc.)

    Navigational items (Compass, map, etc.)

    Well broken-in boots (Don’t wanna kill my feet)

    Extra socks (Lots of these)

    And lastly,
    An IFAK and CAT tourniquets on my plate carrier.

  4. Friends. Examine the many cases of Apocalyptic-like social collapses out there – war, economic ruin, natural disaster. Yugoslavian war, Syria, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Somalia, etc. Those who band together come out best (maybe less-bad is a better description).

  5. My Microtech Switchblade, .460 Rowland Glock 21, Hellcat 9mm, 12 gauge 590A1 shotgun, .308 Thompson Center rifle, .22LR TX-22 handgun, .22LR bolt action single shot Savage Rascal, Leatherman Surge multi tool, Grayl Geopress water filter bottle.

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