what kind of person would you never be friends with?

what kind of person would you never be friends with?

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  1. One of those people who come as a set with their partner. It just irritates me beyond belief when couples live in echothers pockets with no individual social life.

    Had friends like it, wouldn’t choose to do it again. If I invite Jennifer to go to the movies with me and she turns up with her boyfriend in tow I already know we’re not going to get on.

  2. I’m a woman. Had a classmate strike a conversation with me for the first time. 2minutes in said she doesnt have female friends because all women are bitches. Why are you talking to me then? What do you think you are?

  3. People that can’t admit to their negative attributes or bad decision… you can forgive an honest person, you can’t forgive a liar…

  4. People who live for drama.

    My girlfriend and I have had our relationship for a little over a year and it has been blissful for us aside from a couple tiny bumps. I definitely know what I do and don’t like now.

  5. Ableists.

    I’m autistic, and I’ve had my fair share of ableist experiences in my life, big (extreme bullying including verbal and emotional abuse at the hands of students and at least one teacher, denied an IEP because they school I went to at the time claimed “we’d have to label her as mentally disturbed”…) and small (condescending comments, micromanagement over how I’m reacting, being stop to quit stimming because I was nervous, etc).

    It’s exhausting having to defend myself for literally existing from people who don’t see me as an equal just because I’m physically in my 20’s and mentally like 5 sometimes, 12 other times and most of the time like 16. It’s also frustrating being so self-aware how I am and being unable to express it verbally, with words from my mouth.

  6. People who just talk about Politics all the time,i get that Politics is all important and nice and that we should discuss about it once in awhile but if the only thing you have going for you is just Politics then im sorry,im not gonna be friends with them.

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